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His Too-Tempting Stepdaughter


[erotica, hardcore sex, teen, virgin, older man, younger woman, stepdaughter, stepfather, first time sex]

Everything in Adam’s life seems to be going wrong. First his wife ran off, leaving him in charge of her sexy teenage daughter. Now things are getting even worse. Brenna and he are stuck in the mountains, their rickety old Winnebago is out of gas, and a fierce blizzard is blowing in.

Brenna is gorgeous, stacked, and totally innocent. It’s bad enough that he’s lusted after her for longer than he can remember…now it seems like she’s starting to want him, too! He aches to be her first lover, and teach her what hot, sweaty passion is all about. But he swore a sacred vow to protect her, even from himself.

How long can he keep his hands off…His Too-Tempting Stepdaughter?


      When he finally pushed the door open and snuck back out of the steamy bathroom, Brenna was laying silently on the bed. The blanket had fallen away from her shoulder, revealing creamy skin. A lot of it. Had she taken her blouse and bra off? And her tiny little excuse for a skirt, too?
      He gulped hard, and felt a renewed twinge of excitement stiffen his traitorous cock.
      Greedy little bastard.
      His rising cock bobbed up and down, as if it was eagerly agreeing.
      There was no way he could lay beside her when she was naked. He’d never simply taken a woman before—but there was a first time for everything, and he wasn’t sure how much more he could take before he reached that snapping point.
      So he’d better get up into the driver’s seat fast, or he was going to do something he’d regret later.
      But his feet seemed frozen to the floor as he watched her sleep.
      She was going to catch a chill if the blanket slid off any further. He’d just tuck it up around her neck, and then beat a hasty retreat to the other end of the camper.
      “Adam?” Her sleepy murmur weakened his knees. Drowsily she rolled over…and the blanket fell away completely. Shimmering candlelight caressed her bare skin.
      “Brenna?” Raging lust slammed all the air from his lungs. He’d always known she had a beautiful body…but the proof almost literally knocked him off his feet.
      Never mind that he’d just finished whacking off…his hormones were screaming for relief just as if he’d never gone in there and unzipped his pants.
      He couldn’t remember moving, but suddenly her silky skin was soft under his eager hands. And then she moaned, and arched against his fingers…
      Fresh wetness spurted from the tip of his swollen cock, and he tensed in mute protest. No, damn it, no! Not like this…he needed to be inside her first!
      “Brenna, please!” He panted the words against her throat. Her sweet scent was all around him, drawing him in. “Baby, I can’t fight it any longer! Please…let me have you…”
      His pants were an agonizing constriction. He fumbled with his belt, and nearly wept when his shaking fingers couldn’t quite manage the clasp. Then it snapped open, and he shoved his pants off as if they were on fire.
      “Adam? Are you okay?” She still sounded drowsy, barely awake, and it drove him mad with raging lust!
      “Please, Brenna!” He wriggled out of his shirt, and reached for her again. Her lush breasts filled his hands like satiny melons. She moaned in sleepy surprise, and shifted beneath his trembling fingers.
      Virgin or not, he couldn’t just mount her and plunge! She deserved better…she deserved seduction!
      God, she was so wet! The shock of it nearly made him cum despite his better intentions. Had he interrupted some sweet dream, or…
      She wanted him, too! She must! Why else would she always be prancing around in skimpy clothes, wearing perfume that ought to be labeled as an FDA sanity hazard?
      Why hadn’t he seen it before now?

Word Count: 5,690

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