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Spanking The Chambermaid


[hardcore sex, erotica, bdsm, spanking, teen virgin, older man, groupsex, orgy, outdoor sex, interracial sex, blowjob, pussy licking, cunnilingus, double penetration, triple penetration, anal sex, bareback, unprotected sex, breeding, pregnancy, cumshots, facials, creampies, Victorian bdsm erotica]

Lord Jason Deveraux is a very unhappy man. Instead of carousing with his wild friends in London, he must be responsible and take control of his family estate. But fortune smiles when he finds a gorgeous young chambermaid bathing in the secluded stream…and decides that claiming her innocence will be the perfect diversion for him and his most loyal servants!

Pretty little Mariah gets a lot more than she bargained for when she’s taken hard and unprotected in all holes by four incredibly horny studs with a taste for pretty little virgins!


      “Bend over,” Jason ordered, “spread your legs, and grasp your ankles.”
      Which hole should he plunder first? Not for the first time, he wished he was equipped with two rigid cocks so he could thrust into both tight holes at once.
      Without warning, he brought his hand down on Mariah’s bare skin with a sharp crack! It was not a hard blow, but she yelped and lurched forward. He curled a hand around her soft thigh to steady her, and pushed his thrusting cock hard against her clenching buttocks. “Are you really foolish enough to fight me, little chambermaid?” he mocked, rotating his hips in a seductive pattern. “Or will you submit to my will, and let me have my way with you? You really have no choice, you know. Either way, I will have you.”
      Her helpless moan only added to his rising excitement. She was staring at him over her shoulder. The mingled fear and fascination on her pretty face aroused him even more. “Keep hold of your ankles,” he ordered, and brought his hand down on her other rounded ass cheek. His rigid cock thrust deep between her parted thighs, stroking every inch of her wet pussy.
      Grinning, he began to probe with his index finger. “Well, well, well,” he teased when slippery heat enveloped his searching finger. “You enjoy a touch of pain with your pleasure, do you?”
      Mariah frantically shook her head, then gasped when he spanked her again, a little harder. “No, milord! Please! It burns!”
      He ignored her muffled protests, and spanked her several more times in quick succession. Every time she jerked, her slick pussy caressed his long cock. It was unbearably arousing!
      Finally he drew back, and rubbed his swollen cock head against her quivering ass. “Pain is pleasure!” he rasped, and rotated his hips again so that her tight entry began to part beneath the insistent pressure. “And pleasure is pain!”
      She moaned, and wriggled helplessly as he pushed harder. “Milord, please…stop!” Long shudders began to ripple down her spine. “Oh, please…”
      His probing index finger moved rapidly over her sensitive clit, and it swelled into a hot little button. She wriggled again, and began to pant with stunned surprise. “Oh…oh, stop, milord, you must stop…you must… Ohhh!” Her head suddenly arched back as his thudding cock head finally penetrated, and her tight puckering rosebud closed back around it. “No…no, you mustn’t…no…”
      “You want it.” He laughed down at her shuddering body as she fought to hold perfectly still. “You know you do. Do you think I can’t tell? You like the way my cock feels in your pretty little ass. It’s so delightfully wicked, isn’t it?”
      “No…oh, please…”
      He flexed his hips, and grinned as another shockwave rippled through her trembling frame.
      “Please what?” he taunted. “Please more?”
      “No…no…” But she moaned, and her muscles clenched hotly around him, when he did it again. “Please, milord…please…”
      “Say it, Mariah. You want more.”
      “You want more!” He rotated his finger around her clit, and felt a new gush of slick wetness coat it. “Say it!”
      “I want…” Her entire body shuddered wildly. “Please…”
      “More!” His hips began to move in a quickening rhythm. Inch by slow, torturous inch, his cock filled her, searing its way deep into her virgin anal canal. “You want more!”
      “More!” She was vibrating now, clutching her ankles tightly enough to leave bruises. “More! Please…oh, please! More!”

Word Count: 6,919

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