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Alison's Erotic Adventures #5 - China Dragon


[fisted erotica, lesbian erotica, pissing sex erotica, humiliation sex erotica, BDSM erotica, anus sex, explicit erotica]

Can you get paid to teach a woman how to masturbate? Alison and her new girlfriend, Moriah, find out that yes, you sure as hell can. It’s like this: After a homemade porno of Moriah jilling-off to a bone-shattering orgasm accidently got posted to the internet, hundreds of women responded with emails asking for help in achieving orgasmic release. Who knew so many women don’t know how their lady parts work?

In 'China Dragon,' the team meets its most provocative client: a beautiful and wealthy Asian-American widow with a dark secret—and a smoldering desire for Moriah, the Come Again team’s youngest member.


      Sliding a finger down Miss Yuan's wet and swollen slit, Moriah pushed a finger inside her vagina. Then another. Miss Yuan's pussy was tight, but slick, affording easy entry. Moriah could feel Miss Yuan’s cunt muscles relax as she slowly pistoned her fingers in and out.
      She slid a third finger inside, and then let her thumb find Miss Yuan's stiff and glistening clit. A few moments later, another rush of moisture and a clenching of pussy signaled Miss Yuan’s second orgasm. Her pussy muscles spasmed around Moriah's fingers as she screamed in ecstasy.
      Moriah kissed the soft mound, now deep red and wet, and pulled her fingers out with a slurpy pop. Her own sexual excitement was at a fever pitch. Her pussy throbbed in anticipation.
      She couldn’t stand it anymore. Moriah stood and wiggled out of her panties. She was now nude like Miss Yuan, her pale skin glistening in the half-light of the stateroom. The heat between her legs moved up her belly and chest. Her nipples stood erect on her pert breasts. Moriah’s hands went to the smoldering mass of nerve endings between her legs.
      Miss Yuan, splayed on the bed, motioned to the younger woman. “Come to me, Miss Moriah.”
      She obeyed, and got on the bed beside Miss Yuan, who took her face between her hands and kissed her, first tentatively, then with more confidence, and then with the possession of a lover. She pushed Moriah onto her back, and moved a hand down her body to her breasts. “I've never touched another woman,” she said. “You are so beautiful, so soft, so delicate.”
      Moriah thrust her shoulders up, brushing the tip of her breast against Miss Yuan's hand. “Stroke me. Kiss me,” she pleaded.
      Miss Yuan fluttered a fingertip on a hard nipple, then dipped her face down, her tongue lightly moving across the offered nub. She kissed Moriah’s breast, making sweeping circles with the tip of her tongue around her stiff nipple.
      The ache in Moriah's pussy intensified as Miss Yuan's hands explored her breasts and stomach in light, barely-there touches that had her vibrating. A drumbeat of need, hot and urgent, erupted between her legs. Her cunt felt like a gaping maw.
      She wasn't thinking of Miss Yuan as a client, as a woman of means who will make a meaningful difference in the lives of women who need Come Again's help. The disturbing thought that she was compromising herself—prostituting herself, crossing a moral boundary—had vanished. Moriah wasn’t thinking at all. She was a mass of quivering need, a body perfectly matched to this needy person making love to her. Her pleasure was of the moment.
      She wanted Miss Yuan to enter her, to put her fingers into her wet pussy. She wanted to come hard, really hard, around the older woman's hand deep inside of her. She wanted to try something new with her new lover.
      Moriah took Miss Yuan's hand, folded all her fingers except her index finger into her palm, and guided the extended digit down her swollen pussy, and directed it inside her. Miss Yuan looked into her eyes as Moriah raised her hips in unspoken invitation.
      One finger inside, Moriah held the other woman's wrist and started a slow pumping motion.
      Miss Yuan slid a second finger inside.
      “Put your other hand under my ass.”
      Moriah pulled herself up on her elbows and watched as Miss Yuan fucked her.
      Three fingers now penetrated Moriah, and she knew it wasn't enough. She wanted to be stuffed full. She wanted the constant throb between her legs to go away. She wanted to fuck until the throb was gone.
      Moriah could think of only one way to make it happen.

Word Count: 7,600

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