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Twice Blessed - A Futanari Virgin Story


[futanari, virgin, football quarterback, chicks with dicks, futas, hardcore sex, cunnilingus, blowjob, anal sex, gay sex, bisexual, bi-curious, romance]

Brooke isn’t an ordinary futanari...while most futas are drawn to women, she finds men incredibly sexy! But none of the men she’s known have wanted her back...until she meets Dale, a sexy football quarterback who’s secretly bi-curious. When they make a deal to satisfy each others’ lusty erotic cravings, they both get way more than they ever expected! Not your ordinary love story!


      “So tell me how you’re so different from other women.”
      When he finally asked the question she’d been dreading, she was so relaxed that the words were already out of her mouth before she realized it. “I’m a futa. I have a...”
      Then she sucked in a gasp and shot off the couch like a rocket. “I mean, I...”
      The barest hint of a smile curved his lips. “I wondered if you were.”
      She backed another step away. “I have to go. I have to...”
      Before she could whirl and leap for the door, he stood and curled a big hand around her arm. “It’s okay, Brooke. Sit. Relax. You don’t have to run away from me. I don’t think you’re a freak, and I’m not going to tell anyone your secret.”
      She could only stare up at him in helpless confusion.
      “How big is your dick?” he asked curiously. “Is it a little one that doesn’t really work, or is it a real one?”
      She had to be dreaming!
      “No one I know has ever met a futa,” he continued with a rueful half-shrug. “Lots of people say you’re not real. But I had a feeling...
      “Is your dick a real one?” he repeated, glancing down at her lap. “Does it really work?”
      She was breathing so fast, she was nearly hyperventilating. “It’s real,” she whispered. “I wish it wasn’t!”
      He didn’t seem surprised by her reluctant admission. “Can you have sex with a guy?” he continued. “I mean, do you have a pussy and everything, too?”
      Hysterical laughter wanted to bubble out of her throat. “Oh yeah, I’m fully loaded. I’ve got everything you could ask for!”
      “Then you really are twice-blessed,” he exclaimed with an endearing smile. “I know it can’t have been easy on you, but from where I’m sitting, you’re pretty lucky. Most people fantasize about being the other sex at least a few times in their life. You’re lucky enough to be able to experience both ways whenever you want.”
      “No, I can’t.” Another hot blush warmed her cheeks, and she quickly averted her gaze. “I’ve never been able to tell anyone before.”
      She jolted a little when Dale’s big hands descended on her shoulders and began gently stroking them.
      “So you’re still a virgin?”
      She could barely make her head move in a jerky nod, and wanted to die of embarrassment.
      He was silent for several long moments. Then his hands tightened briefly on her shoulders. “I could help you with that...if you’d help me with something, too.”
      Okay, now the conversation had gone beyond surreal! “What?” The single word emerged husky with a kind of terrified hope.
      Now it was his turn to look uncomfortable, and he shifted restlessly beside her. “I’ve always been...curious,” he finally admitted. “Don’t get me wrong, I like girls. I love girls,” he amended, and vigorously nodded his head. “There’s absolutely nothing like sinking deep into all that delicious wet heat and pumping away until I cum like a geyser! But I’ve always wondered...”
      Suddenly she found her voice, and turned to stare at him in budding wonder. “You want to know what it’s like to have sex with another man?”
      That made him shudder a little, and a hot flush darkened his angular cheeks. “I was the star quarterback in high school and college. If anyone ever found out, I’d be...”
      Ostracized. Run out of town. Oh yes, she understood that fear all too well.
      “So you want me to show you what it’s like,” she said carefully. “And in return, you’ll show me?”

Word Count: 7,575

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