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Summer Suds


[Teen, Carwash, Hardcore sex, Blowjob, Anal sex, M/F]

Luke wasn't very happy about having to wash cars for the high school fundraiser--until sexy Alicia lured him away for a mind-blowing afternoon treat!


      I was hot and tired and getting frustrated by all the hard work...and the long line of cars still parked in the bank's big parking lot. So I wasn't really being careful as I lugged another heavy pail of sudsy water over to the girls' side of the lot.
      Icy water sloshed all over my jeans as I stumbled a little, and I gasped in protest. Even without an active hard-on, really cold water can hurt! But I hadn't spilled the bucket, so I kept going, and thumped it down next to the nearest car.
      That's when I looked up...and forgot all about the ice-water frosting my crotch.
      Alicia was standing on the back bumper of this little car, scrubbing the back window and roof. Soapy water was glistening down her long legs, and her tight cut-offs were all wet. It was obvious she wasn't wearing any panties beneath them.
      But it was her gorgeous tits that really caught my attention, all eight inches of it! Two perfectly shaped pearly globes, beautifully back-lit by the afternoon sun and just begging to be touched! No bra, either, she was totally naked underneath that skimpy little blouse! And it was gaping open just right, so that I could see all the way up to her throat!
      Instant hard-on!
      And to really compound the situation, Alicia chose that moment to glance down and smile at me in that innocent way of hers that's so incredibly sexy!
      "Whatcha got for me, Luke?" she smiled, absently running her tongue across her bottom lip.
      I wanted to feel her hot little tongue running across my bottom lip! But I couldn't say so, of course, because there were too many people around who might overhear.
      Then her gaze dropped lower, and fastened on the soap suds still clinging to my jeans. "That's gotta hurt!" she teased, tossing me a sly wink.
      Instinctively I glanced down, and gulped with embarrassment. My jeans were nearly as tight as hers...and every inch of my swelling cock was bulging out, making a distinctive lump beneath the zipper.
      And I'd swear I could feel the heat from her pretty blue eyes searing into me, igniting a million sparks in my blood!

Word Count: 1,877

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