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The Bad Guy


[Barely-Legal, Older Man/Younger Woman, Teen, Virgin, BDSM, Dungeon, Dubious Consent, M/F]

Caine hadn't realized how incredibly arousing a little pain could be, until he kidnapped and started brainwashing the sexy girl he planned to make his new partner in crime...


      She was young, gorgeous, and terrified. And the combination was exquisitely arousing.
      He wasn't especially proud of the way her helpless whimpers stirred his blood to fever-pitch. But there was no denying the heat that swelled his eager flesh as he deliberately made a soft sound, and her head snapped up in ripe terror.
      "Wh-who's there?" Her throat was so raw from hunger and thirst that she could barely even rasp out the trembling words.
      Unseen, his right hand slid down to stroke the rigid length of his growing cock. Pleasure rippled through his body as his hand glided sensually up and down the front of his trousers. He sucked in a deep breath as a sudden quick burst startled him, and quickly fumbled with his zipper. Moments later, hot jets erupted and splashed across the dirty metal floor.
      Every time he came in to study her, his excitement was peaking faster. It wouldn't be long before he'd have to start the next phase, just to keep himself under control.
      In fact, why not start now?
      The pungent scent of his fresh cum was an added arousal. Silently he stripped down to bare skin, then carefully stepped around the cooling spatters on the floor.
      "Zara." His low whisper startled her, and she jolted in fear.
      "Who are you? What do you want from me?" He could hear the tears in her desperate sob, and see them gleaming on her pale cheeks. "Why won’t you let me go?"
      "You belong to me." He made his voice sound harsh, threatening. "There is no escape!"
      She was weeping, and her lush breasts were heaving up and down as she strained away from him. With one quick move, he clamped one hand over her mouth, and pinched her right nipple hard with the other.
      She screamed in panicked agony, and tried to thrash back and forth. But the weight of his long body pressed her against the damp wall.
      He twisted his fingers, and felt her jerk helplessly. Her frantic cry was muffled beneath his palm. Renewed heat shot right through his groin, and stiffened it into a probing steel shaft.
      Her screams took on a new note of rising panic as he thrust his cock hard against her, and ground it eagerly against her soft curls. "You belong to me," he rasped again, and moved his hand to her other quivering breast.
      "No, no, no..." Her despairing moan echoed through the pitch-black dungeon. "Please, no...I'll do anything you want...just don’t hurt me!"
      He tightened his fingers, and gloried in her anguished scream. Before he could control it, his swelling cock exploded again in a hot orgasmic burst. Shuddering, he rocked his hips, and rapidly dry-humped her sexy mound. Every wet gush that spurted from his orgasming body made him grunt with fierce ecstasy.
      The spasms seemed to go on forever, and his knees felt like water when he could finally catch his breath again.
      She was silent now, shaking like a leaf, and her eyes were so huge that she looked like one of those obscenely erotic animé cartoons.
      He let go of her aching nipple, and slid his fingers down between her quivering breasts. "Did you like that, Zara? Did it make you hot?"
      Her eyes closed, and tears leaked down her cheeks as she bit her bottom lip and moaned.
      "I think it did." He was taunting her now, and amusement echoed through his rough voice. "I think you want me to do it again. Don't you?"
      "No!" She choked on the word...then screamed helplessly as he thrust his fingers between her legs and shoved them into her pussy.
      Holy crap, she was tight! His eyes widened behind the infrared goggles as he probed a little. She was incredibly tight!
      Her knees folded, and she would have fallen if she wasn't manacled to the wall. "Please, no...oh, please!"
      Could she possibly be a virgin? Surely she wasn't that young!
      Slowly Caine eased his fingers free, and slid them through the slippery cum that had splashed across her flat stomach. This time, when he eased them between her thighs again, they penetrated more easily.
      "You're a virgin, aren't you?" he demanded. "Aren't you?"
      The hot blush that rose to her cheeks made her face glow brighter. "Y-yes. Please, don't...I'll do anything!"
      "Yes." A slow grin curved his lips. "You will."

Word Count: 6,282

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