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Warrior Queen


[teen, virgin, groupsex, interracial, post-apocalyptic]

Joselyn had grown up in the most dangerous part of the war-torn city. But nothing could have prepared her for the exquisite delight she'd feel at the hands of her most hated enemy, the dreaded Warlords leader himself!


      When Joselyn finally woke up, she was warm. And dry. But how could that be?
      She held perfectly still for as long as she dared, then opened her eyes just a fraction. Red and gold shadows danced across the ceiling above her.
      Then she became aware of another sensation, and cold sweat broke out on her thin body.
      Her hands and feet were tied down.
      Worse than that, they were tied out. She was lying eagle-spread on a soft surface that seemed to ripple beneath her back.
      A quick glance confirmed her worst fears. Her clothes were gone.
      "Welcome back to the living!"
      The leader of the Warlords himself! Sweet merciful heavens, somehow she'd fallen straight from the frying pan into the depths of hell! The Warlords were ravening beasts! Nothing was sacred to them...certainly not a shivering little boy-thing from the wrong side of the Barrier!
      Then Jos sucked in her breath, and her fingertips went numb as her brain raced in stunned circles. He was handsome! How could anyone who led the vicious Warlords be so handsome?
      Carlos's keen eyes swept over her naked body. It seemed to her that his attention lingered on her swelling chest, and the vee between her widespread thighs. But how could that be? None of Rico's band had ever wanted her. Why would this fine gentleman lower himself to touch a scrawny, ugly boy-thing?
      He read the defiance in her hot gaze, and softly chuckled. "So, you're not afraid of me, are you? That intrigues me, bad girl!" Eyes glittering, he leaned closer, so close that she could see the subtle design on his collar. "Will you barter for your life with your body, hmmm?"

Word Count: 3,160

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