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Becca Sinh's Top 10 Erotic Stories - Volume 1


[erotica, hardcore, teen, virgin, older man, outdoor sex, anal sex, drunk couple, millionaire, runaway, prostitute, hooker, fanatical preacher, religious commune, reluctant sex, telepathy, paranormal, voyeur, masturbation, older woman, younger man, male virgin]

Now, for the first time, you can read all 10 of Becca's favorite hot erotica stories in one convenient volume!


1) The Little Girl Next Door - Nick had dreaded coming home from college for the summer--until he caught a glimpse of Tori Phillips, his next door neighbor. When had the bratty little tomboy he remembered transformed into such a sexy vixen? He couldn't wait to get his hands on her, and hear her scream with delight!

2) Anal Surprise - Kristi didn't like anal sex AT ALL...until the magical night when Luke proved her wrong!

3) The Highest Bidder - Molly was so down-and-out that she was willing to try anything to pay the bills! So when Teena, a Latino hooker, invited her to a special Christmas party where she'd make lots of money just by attending, she jumped at the chance. But Teena didn't warn her about the secret auction after the party ended...or that all the handsome millionaires would be bidding for her!

4) Preacher’s Pet - Preacher had been searching for his perfect "Chosen One" for years. One by one, he had rejected all the other girls in his secret commune, until only Eve was left. Would she be his special consort, the only one who was fully capable of serving all his intense sexual needs?

5) Summer Suds - Luke wasn't very happy about having to wash cars for the high school fundraiser--until sexy Alicia lured him away for a mind-blowing afternoon treat!

6) I Spy - Willy is a voyeur. And the girl he loves to watch is Persephone, the sexy prostitute who lives in the next building. Will he ever find the courage to meet her in person...or will he only watch?

7) Danger Lurks in Dark Corners - Part I - Aime knew the dangers of wandering around campus when there was a serial predator on the loose...but she didn't realize how incredibly arousing it would be to get caught!

8) Danger Lurks in Dark Corners - Part II - Vic needed to get laid! Normally he and his partner, Harry, worked together to grab some unsuspecting girl and bang her hard in the shadows. But tonight he was on his own. And who'd have figured that the one girl he chose to snatch was a genuine, bona-fide virgin!

9) Magnificent Summer - Mindy had never even considered seducing her son’s best friend...but when he caught her sunbathing, and she saw how horny he was, she just couldn’t resist!

10) The Repairman - Chrissy was pretty annoyed when her dishwasher stopped working...until Steve, the repairman, arrived to fix it. He was seriously well-built, and good with his hands. Would he be just as good between the sheets? Or maybe...even better?

Word Count: 124,233

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