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Hazard Chronicles #3 - The More, The Merrier!


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, cheating wife, cuckolded husband, college professor, pregnancy, breastfeeding, barn sex, groupsex, M/M/F]

Savannah loved being pregnant, and she and her husband, Clay, had vowed to have at least a dozen children. There was only one problem: Clay couldn't have kids. So pretty Sunny figured out the perfect way to solve their problem. She chose a different man every time she wanted to have another baby. And Clay was perfectly happy to adopt them as his own.

College professor Murphy Rawlins didn't have any idea what Sunny had planned when she asked him to come out and assess her great-grandfather's antique farming tools. But he found out fast when she decided to seduce him in the barn...and then her horny husband joined in the fun!


      Sunny's impish giggle made him forget all about work, and Murphy's cock leaped upright even bigger and thicker than before. This time he did groan in agony.
      "Murphy, you okay?" Sunny's eyes narrowed slightly.
      "Fine." His voice was strained as he fought to suck in a full breath of air. "No problem."
      She could practically feel the waves of hot lust rippling off him! Well, what the hell! The barn was a fun place to have sex, too! She and Clay had banged each other here often enough...why not change her plans entirely, and seduce him here first, then move to the bedroom?
      Slowly, very casually, she stretched her arms over her head in a leisurely yawn. The hem of her sundress slid up her bare legs until her bare pussy was almost visible. Murphy's eyes bugged and his mouth fell open as she wriggled sensually in a spine-popping arch, then settled down onto the blanket again with a contented sigh.
      "I really should take the time to relax like this more often," she confided with a sultry smile. "What do you do to relax, Murphy?"
      "Me? I, uh..." His mouth opened and closed several times, but no sound emerged.
      She peered curiously at him through the dappled shadows. "You do relax, don't you?"
      "Oh...uh, yeah, sure!" His cock felt like it was at least two feet long, and his brain had turned to mush. And she expected him to think?
      "So, what do you do? To relax, I mean," she prodded with a secret grin. Poor fellow, his tongue was nearly hanging out of his mouth!
      What little brainpower he had left was fighting desperately to keep his willful cock from erupting in a violent orgasm. He could barely even manage to vaguely shake his head.
      She studied him for a moment, then lithely jumped to her feet. "You know what I think, Murphy? I think you need to relax more often." Cheerfully she bounced into the tool-filled stall and caught his big hand in hers. "Come on. Mama Sunny's going to make sure you take a little R&R. Trust me, you'll feel better for it!"
      He followed her like a mindless robot...until she settled cross-legged on the blanket again, and tugged at his hand to pull him down beside her.
      Then his foggy brain snapped back alive in a panicked rush.
      "No, I shouldn't do that. You, ah, you asked me here to study your antiques."
      Sunny smiled up at him, and tugged a little harder. "We have all day. Didn't you tell me that no one’s expecting you back at the school until tomorrow?"
      "Well, yeah, but..."
      "Then where's the harm in playing a little hooky, professor?"
      Her teasing grin destroyed him. Or maybe it was the way she called him 'professor,' as if she was a naughty student trying to entice him into something wicked.
      His knees folded, and he sank down onto the blanket beside her. Later he'd swear that he hadn’t reached for her--but suddenly his hands were full of her lush, rounded breasts, and his mouth was devouring the sweetness of hers.
      Or was she devouring his? It was impossible to say, as they feverishly wrestled with clothes until her magnificent breasts were bare, and satiny-soft under his searching fingers...and the front of his pants were gaping open, and his hard cock was jutting out at an erotic angle...

Word Count: 7,738

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