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Junie & Michael #4 - The XXX Weekends


[lesbian, MF, big black cock, romantic, interracial, cuckold, BDSM]

Junie placed her curled fist in Melanie’s outstretched hand. “Remember your promise?” Junie whispered. Tendrils of arousal blossomed in the pit of Melanie’s belly. Melanie had her price, though: She wanted a weekend alone with Michael, Junie’s caged husband. And Junie had her requirement: Melanie must sleep with her black bull to prepare her for the women’s XXX weekend in D.C., where they would celebrate the legalization of gay marriage on a pretend honeymoon.


      “So, how is this going to work? Will this be a threesome?”
      “Gosh, no, Melanie. Gordon detests Michael. The cuckolded husband and all that. Gordon will be out of town most of that weekend. We worked it out. He’ll meet you at a bar Sunday afternoon. He’ll buy you a drink. I can comfortably predict he’ll seduce you. If it makes you more comfortable, you can take him to my place. Michael will be there. That should up the comfort level for you.”
      “What about you?”
      Junie’s faced turned quizzical. “Me?”
      “Don’t you want to be there? To watch your black lover, you know, stretch me?”
      “Heavens no, dear. Why would I want to do that? Anyway, I’ll be away that weekend.”
      Lunch arrived, and the women’s conversation turned to politics. Earlier that day, the Supreme Court had ruled that gay marriage is legal in every state.
      “It makes me so happy to see lesbians walking down the street hand-in-hand, smooching in bars, dancing in clubs,” Junie said as the table was cleared.
      “I know two couples who are getting ready to tie the knot.”
      “It’s made me think about our weekend.”
      “If you get Michael for a weekend, it’s only fair that I get you for a weekend, right?”
      “Sure. What are your plans?”
      “Gay marriage is in the air. Can’t you smell it?” Junie grinned.
      “What in the world are you leading up to?”
      “You’re going to be my wife, Melanie. For two whole glorious days. We’re going to go on our honeymoon. We’re going to parade around town, arm in arm, holding each other tight, smooching and cooing.”
      Melanie stiffened. “I am not a lesbian.”
      “No! Neither am I! We’ll pretend! It’ll be fun.”
      “Junie, I can’t strut around Boston…”
      “I didn’t say here.”
      “In D.C. I’ll be at a conference at the Library of Congress that ends Friday at five. I’ll pick you up at Union Station at six forty-five. I’ve got reservations at a great little boutique hotel just off Dupont Circle.”
      “I see.”
      “Think of it. Two hot chicks dressed to kill, hanging off each other. D.C. is so straight-laced and self-important. We’ll stand out, but in a nice way. We’ll make a splash wherever we go. People will nudge each other and say, Look at those hot lesbians! On Saturday, I’ve got tickets for the ballet at the Kennedy Center. I’ll buy you a drink at intermission. Well, actually, the whole weekend is on me.”
      “Then back to our room for the main event?”
      Junie smiled. “One of the main events. You don’t know this about me, but I need sex every day. If I don’t have a man, I have to … you know. My sex drive just doesn’t let up. If I go more than twelve hours without an orgasm, I get snappish and moody.” Her eyes lit up. “I want to find out if sleeping a woman will be as satisfying as sleeping with a man. I think so, but I want to know for sure. Think about it, Melanie. After a weekend of sleeping with Michael, topped off by an afternoon with my bull, wouldn’t you like to find out if sleeping with me is enough? Melanie?”
      Melanie had closed her eyes. Tendrils of arousal blossomed in the pit of her belly. Heat spread across her chest and down her softly sloped stomach. Warmth flooded her abdomen, soaking her panties.
      Before she could say anything, the waiter arrived with the bill.
      “How exciting is it, Melanie? Tell me.”
      “I’m soaked.”
      Junie craned her neck to survey the dining room and leaned back in her chair. “Go to the ladies room. I’ll follow in two minutes.”
      “We can do this. I know this place. The handicapped stall. Take off those wet panties and wait for me. Don’t argue. Go.”
      Melanie started to say something, but stopped. Without a glance toward Junie, she picked up her purse and walked to the ladies room.
      Junie checked her phone for messages, found none, and followed her.

Word Count: 6,449

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