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Lust In Space


[erotica, hardcore sex, teen virgin, older man, science fiction, aphrodisiac, anal sex, blowjob, cunnilingus, first time sex]

Toman is in for the surprise of his life when he begins exploring a destroyed planet and discovers an amazingly gorgeous girl living alone in the colony’s abandoned spaceship. But Iliana isn’t quite what she seems. She might be an innocent virgin, but she’s a skilled genetic engineer who’s created an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac…and she can’t wait to try it out on him!


      He’d expected the water to be chilly, but instead it was delightfully invigorating. Rather than wilt his pounding erection, he swore it made him even harder.
      Iliana waited until he surfaced several feet away, then paddled over to join him. “Isn’t this nice? I exercise here every day, then relax on the island.”
      His hands itched to curl around those magnificent breasts. “Island?”
      Some of the pools were connected, he realized when she led him around a curve, and he saw a lush tree-capped cay rising from the intersection of several different currents. Thick spongy moss carpeted it, and brilliant flowers waved in random jewel-toned clusters. “Everything is edible,” she told him, climbing out and snapping off a huge thick, spongy leaf from the nearest tree. “Here, taste.”
      He felt acutely self-conscious as he joined her; his rigid cock was bobbing like a lusty flagpole between his muscular thighs. But he took the leaf and hesitantly nibbled a corner of it. Exquisite flavor exploded on his tongue, and he nearly choked in surprise. “This is what some of the niblets are made from,” she told him, clearly delighted by his response. “We created it by gene-splicing several different fruits together.”
      “We?” He swore the delicate flavors were kicking his surging libido even higher, and wanted to groan with frustrated longing.
      “Computer and me. It was one of our first experiments.” She nibbled the opposite corner, and sighed with blissful delight. “The colonists discovered early-on that many of this planet’s native foods have a euphoric effect on the human nervous system. Computer and I chose the strongest ones, and gene-spliced them together to see what would happen.”
      His eyes nearly crossed. “Then it really is making me even hornier!”
      She giggled. “Yes, isn’t it great? When I watch my movies here, the effect is so much stronger!”
      “Your movies.” He felt like he was swimming through a vat of delicious Endralian liqueur; tiny golden flames were licking at his nerve endings. The moss beneath his bare feel felt like plush velvet.
      She swept her arm in an arc over her head…and the air above them exploded with erotic sound and color. He stumbled back and nearly fell. She eased him to the ground, then flopped bonelessly onto the plush moss. “Relax,” she urged, patting the empty space beside her. “Enjoy with me!”
      He was so riveted, he obeyed without a second thought. The moss cushioned his long body in sybaritic comfort. “Sweet stars!” he gasped as he watched a brawny man vigorously fucking a pretty young girl. A few feet away, two grunting men were gangbanging another eager girl. Beyond them, two women were eagerly kissing while a horny man lay beneath one and lapped at her bare pussy. His hand flashed up and down his swollen cock…
      Toman found he was gripping his own rigid cock with manic strength. “Where did you get this?” he demanded.
      “It’s one of the welcoming ceremonies,” she explained with a dreamy smile. “In the Central Lounge.”
      Not paid actors at all, he realized, and nearly groaned as his hand began to pump rapidly up and down. Raw, undiluted sex. The real deal. A group orgy of epic proportions, because he could count at least thirty couples and groups scattered around the immense lounge, vigorously fucking each other senseless.
      Nothing was off-limits…here was a man reaming a woman bareback while another man thrust his cock into the first man’s flexing ass. There was a woman flogging a man with what looked like an antique riding crop. Over there were two girls writhing together on the floor while several men vigorously sprayed them with thick ropes of cum. And beyond them…
      “Sweet stars!” he groaned again. “And here I thought you were so innocent!”

Word Count: 7,964

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