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Danger Lurks In Dark Corners - Part II


[reluctant sex, anal, teen, virgin, older man, outdoor sex]

Vic needed to get fucked! Normally he and his partner, Harry, worked together to grab some unsuspecting girl and bang her hard in the shadows. But tonight he was on his own. And who'd have figured that the one girl he chose to snatch was a genuine, bona-fide virgin!


      He'd never risked a grab on his own before. Harry had always been watching for the cops.
      But dammit, he just had to get fucked tonight! It had been three whole nights, and now his cock was so hard, he could pound nails into solid oak!
      He'd just have to be extra-careful, that's all.
      And hey--if he caught one himself, then he wouldn't have to share her! Nothing more frustrating, even when you loved fucking a girl with your best buddy's help, than wanting to do one thing to her while he wanted to do something else.
      "Tonight I get to do it all myself." That thought gave him courage as he peered through the shadows, leering at one girl after another.
      Oh, hey, look at that one! Long dark dress, just like one of those Amish girls he'd seen on TV, and long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. Easy to grab and hold her head still while he jammed his throbbing cock down her throat.
      Looked lost, too, the way she was walking a few steps and then staring at a piece of paper in her hand. Must be new to the university; who else would be stupid enough to wander around in the dark when everyone knew he was lurking nearby, just waiting to grab and fuck some unsuspecting girl?
      No one else was paying her any attention. So he'd be her savior, and tell her where to go. And then he'd take her there himself, with his eager hands and hungry mouth and big hard cock. The irony of that made Vic snort with laughter.
      Now if she'd just...
      Oh man, talk about luck! She was wandering right past his hiding place!
      Before he lost his nerve, he jumped out and clamped a hand over her mouth, then dragged her back into the thick bushes. Thorns ripped at her long dress as he hauled her right into a rocky little cave in the hillside that no one knew existed. No one except Harry and him, anyway. They had to switch their fuckfest sites every few times, to keep from getting caught, but this had always been his favorite. He tried to come back here at least once every few months. Somehow the sex in here always seemed better than anywhere else.
      The girl's eyes looked huge in the darkness, just like a cartoon character. For some reason, that made his cock stand up even higher. Wet pre-cum began to spurt from the tip, staining his faded jeans...

Word Count: 3,335

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