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Junie & Michael #1 - Making Michael Obey


[erotica for couples, erotica short story collection, MF sex, spanking, oral sex, anal sex, pee play, masturbation]

Junie is a mega-teaser who makes life miserable for live-in boyfriend Michael—seducing, spanking, licking and tormenting him in ways beyond his sexual comfort zone.

She lures him to the powder room (making him watch her pee before reducing him to a gibbering wreck), the guest room (tying him up, spanking and tormenting his naked butt), the dining room (drizzling chocolate on her breasts and making him lick her clean), the kitchen (jilling-off in front of him), and finally the bedroom (for a blowjob he'll never forget).

These five stories (nearly 12,000 words) feature hot and explicit M/F sex, oral sex, male and female masturbation, spanking, anal play, mild pee play, fresh food desecration, and, at long last, feminine surrender to her loving guy (at least for a few minutes).


      I rushed out of the bathroom, trying not to be late. There was Michael, standing in the door of our bedroom in his pajamas. Or rather, pajama bottoms. His bare shoulders...so powerful, so sculpted.
      Focus, Junie. Got to get to work.
      “Not going in today?” I asked.
      “Yeah, I'm going in. But not at seven o'clock.”
      I looked at my watch. How did that happen? I'm not a morning person, yet here I was, ready an hour early. Christ, it's usually a struggle for me to get out the door by 8:30.
      Michael got that smile on his face. And a bulge in his pants.
      “No, Michael, I'm all made up...”
      He took me by my wrists, moved me against the wall, and raised my arms up, pinning me. “Junie, we've got an hour.” His lips found mine, devouring my mouth with light, loving kisses. He knew my weakness: morning sex.
      I still resisted. “Michael, we still don't have enough time. You'll wrinkle my suit, you'll...”
      Ignoring my words, he put his hands to my face and pulled me in. I closed my eyes as the tips of our tongues touched. It worked. I moaned softly into his mouth.
      Folding me into his arms, his lips brushed my ear. “Listen, Junie. We can do this. It just has to be fast, so I'm going to tell you what to do. Okay? Trust me?”
      I answered by thrusting my hips into his. I could feel the thickness of his cock pressing back.
      “I'm going to fuck you as hard as I've ever fucked you. But before I fuck you, I'm going to make you squeal and whimper and cry out. I'm going to smack your little round bottom and make you so wet your juices are going to run down your leg. I'm going to eat your pussy and make you cry like a banshee. Understand?”
      “Yes, Michael,” I whimpered. My knees almost buckled.
      “Take your skirt off.”
      I unzipped and stepped out. He took it and neatly laid it over the stair railing. He slid my suit jacket off my arms and folded it on top of the skirt. As I leaned over to take off my shoes, Michael stepped behind me, put his hands around my waist, and pulled me in. I stood and his hands moved to my breasts. I started to tremble, the hardness of my nipples bulging against the lace of my bra.
      His fingers stroked my breasts through the fabric, raking my hard nubs, rolling them between his thumb and forefinger. Unbuttoning the top of my blouse, his hand reached in, lowered a cup, and set a breast free. He cupped it, sculpting its shape and heft in his hand. The stiff nipple stood even harder in the cool air. My crotch turned liquid.
      With a swift motion, Michael pulled my thong to my knees. I was nude from the waist down.
      “Grab your ankles.”
      I bent over and his hands explored the globes of my fully exposed buttocks. His fingers and palms brushed the sensitive skin, tracing the crease between my cheeks.
      I wasn't ready for the shock and heat as his hand landed hard on my ass. I lurched forward, but his strong grip held me in check. Then another slap, short and sharp, followed by several hard whacks on both cheeks. A hot flush traveled to my pussy. I could feel the wetness begin to pool between my legs.
      His foot slid my feet apart, opening me to him. Head down, my legs spread, I was splayed to my lover like a whore ready to take a john in an alley. His hand reached between my legs and gripped my labia, rubbing them together. He gently pulled up, lifting me to my toes. Liquid gushed out of my cunt into his hand.
      My naked and exposed lips were all sodden and swollen, His middle finger found the entrance to my shivering pussy and dipped inside me. As he slowly slid into my hole, my pussy made that squishing sound that usually makes me smile. Right now, though, I was too fired up, too excited.
      “Michael, fuck me. Please.”
      It wasn't going to be that easy. Oh, no. Michael had an agenda.
      He started rubbing circles on my distended clit as he slid a second finger into me. His other hand pinched and rolled my labia over his fingers buried deep inside me. I could barely stand upright as the pleasure started to gather at the base of spine. The wave of my orgasm was building.
      Michael dropped to his knees, pressing into me from behind, licking my cunt lips slowly and tenderly. His hands cupped my asscheeks. His open-mouth kisses covered my labia, his mouth making love to my vulva. His wicked hot tongue traveled the length of my slit, then started lashing my clitoris. Liquid heat rushed through my body. My nerves bunched together, screaming for release. He lashed and sucked my cunt unmercifully.
      “Oh, God, Michael, I can't stand it...”
      I opened my eyes and looked back between my splayed legs to see Michael's pajama bottoms drop to the floor. He kicked them off, and his hands gripped my hips. I was spread open for his enjoyment. I could feel my juices flowing down my thighs.
      He spun me around to the stair railing and pulled my shoulders up. I gripped the wood, bent over at the waist, ready for the onslaught. Crying out in relief as his cockhead found my slit, I reached back and guided his throbbing member to my hole. He poked and caressed my pussy with the tip of his engorged member. It was pure torture.
      I moaned out. “Fuck me, Michael. I want you inside me. Oh, please...”
      I wrapped my fingers around his pulsating shaft, dragging it against my wet and engorged labia, thoroughly coating it with my hot juices. Pushing up on my toes, I offered myself to my man. He hoisted me up, nearly lifting me off the floor, as his cock plunged inside me. His rigid length penetrated to my core.
      I groaned and whimpered. He went in so deep and so fast it felt like he would split me in two.

Word Count: 12,000

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