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Driven By Demons


[BDSM, Fetish, bondage, rough sex, humiliation, interracial, oral sex, anal sex, public sex, lesbian sex, femdom]

For JD Walker, owner of the infamous fetish club Devil’s Playground, life is good. His club is successful, he has plenty of money and spends his time indulging in his lifelong addiction; sex. But despite his current success he is still haunted by a dark and violent past marred by the death of his mother, a death he blames himself for.

Two years ago reporter Molly Malone was part of a news team sure they could prove the Playground was more than a strip club, and was in fact a high end brothel where people paid to have their sickest fantasies fulfilled. But Malone and her partners underestimated JD Walkers powerful connections and the expose blew up in their faces, ending in a libel suit that cost all but Molly their jobs.

Now JD faces a far more serious threat in the form of Reverend Zachary Knox, a fire and brimstone preacher who has sworn to close dens of iniquity like the Playground. Knox’s protestors are scaring always Walkers clients and his employees and to JD’s dismay it seems the Reverend has just as many connections as he does.

Molly Malone wouldn’t mind seeing JD go down, but not in this case as she has a personal vendetta against Knox. Back in Alabama where Molly grew up Knox and his corrupt ministry was responsible for the darkest event in her life, one that has left her scarred emotionally and craving dark perversions, the kind JD has made his living on.

Up until now JD and Molly had nothing in common, but a mutual loathing for each other. But both have reasons to bring down Knox and are willing to dance with any devil that gives them a chance, including each other. Using Molly’s firsthand knowledge of Knox’s crimes and Walkers connections, the two unite to destroy their common foe and learn they have more in common than they knew; they are both driven by the demons of their pasts.


      Molly sat down on the coffee table waiting for him to answer her. Deciding to let her stew for a minute; JD thought on the issue at hand, finding the Hellfire Club, then getting an in at the next meeting. Even once they were in, who was to say they could get near Knox? If he were raping girls it would have to be done somewhere private, not in front of a crowd.
      “I’ll talk to Miranda later tonight and have her start fishing around; she has a lot of contacts.” He rolled his eyes, “Not that she is going to want you to come along anymore than I would, especially the way you two hit it off last night.”
      JD rose and seeing she was confronted with his crotch, Molly quickly stood as well.
      “The detective who was involved with the fight in the parking lot, Higgins works in vice, I’ll call him and give him the tip there’s some funky shit going on in the fetish scene in Connecticut, see if he gets any bites.”
      “Good.” She nodded.
      “But I still have doubts you could pull off going in there with us.”
      “I am tougher than I look,” she stared up into his eyes belligerently and realized she was losing the battle with slut Molly as she goaded him. “I’d offer you a demonstration, but I doubt your girlfriend lets you off the leach for long. Isn’t it about time you ran home and reported everything to Mommy like a good little boy?”
      “A demonstration?” He loomed over her and she took a nervous step backwards. “What, you think I’m one of those creeps from Chelsea? You think I’d jump at your little free lunch sign?”
      “Please.” She met his gaze. “You’re an easy target, I’ve hit close to home with you every time and you know it,” she said with an edge to her voice. “I know your kind, Walker and I know how to handle you.”
      “Do you?” The smirk appeared and he stepped towards her.
      Molly backed up, and he continued to approach her, the rational part of her mind screamed at her to tell him they were done and to leave, but her sluttish persona was eager to play her game. JD Walker had haunted her dreams for two years now.
      In a way he had become the personification of everything she craved, but shouldn’t. The ultimate bad boy; an arrogant asshole who she longed to have treat her like a pig the way he did his clients.
      The wall rose up to meet her back and he towered above her.
      “You want to play tough girl with me, Molly?” he asked, taking her chin in his hand.
      “Fuck you, Walker.” She made to push past him, but putting his other hand between her breasts, he pushed her back against the wall.
      Tilting her head up to him, he smiled, “You want to fuck me, Molly. You’ve wanted to fuck me since I bitch slapped your station and put you in your place.”
      She felt the strength in his fingers and the feeling of his hand on her chest caused a surge of moisture between her legs.
      “You…need to leave.” She whispered.
      “No.” he replied squeezing her chin, “That’s not what you want,” His lips curled into a sneer, “Is it, whore?”
      “JD, I…”
      “What’s the matter? Don’t know how to play a game because you’re in your place and not on your knees in some back alley?”
      “You….arrogant son of a bitch.” She hissed at him, even as she struggled to keep from grabbing his hand and pressing it to her breast.
      “Tell you what.” He whispered, “You want a demonstration? I’ll give you one.” He released her chin and removed his hand from between her tits.
      His fingers found the top button of her blouse and undid it as he continued. “I told you there is one rule; consent.” He popped another button and she parted her lips to allow her now heavy breathing to flow properly.
      “But that doesn’t mean you have to say yes. It just means you didn’t say no.” His fingers lingered on the third button. “Tell me to leave and I will. If you don’t.” he shrugged. “Then we both know what will happen.”
      Molly stared into his eyes and silently screamed for him to get out, but slut Molly was laughing at her efforts. Walker took her wrist and pressed her hand to his crotch. Molly’s eyes widened at not just the size of him, but how hard he was.
      “Three…” He smirked, “Two…”

Word Count: 124,350

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