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Alison's Erotic Adventures II - Three-Book Anthology


[adventure, bar, BDSM, bisexual, cheating, cum, escort, fisting, gang bang, group sex, humiliation, humor, lesbian, oral, orgy, public sex, revenge, risky sex, seduction, sex toys, short story, shower, squirting, strangers, swinging, teasing, voyeurism, water]

Alison has a hobby…sex. What’s the saying, practice anything for 10,000 hours and you’re an expert? Alison’s an expert. Alison’s Erotic Adventures II includes books 3,4, 5, and 6 in the ongoing sexual exploits of Alison, a young, gorgeous and sexually adventurous woman who just can’t say no! 25,000 words of nonstop, genre-busting, explicit sex!


      Moriah cried out, wailing in pleasure and delight as her hips jolted in wild convulsions. Her legs kicked in the air, and she writhed in the pleasure of her orgasmic relief. Robyn kept working her clit while plunging two fingers in and out of Moriah’s pussy.
      “Oh, Robyn, oh, baby, oh God…” Robyn leaned in and kissed her again. Finally sated, Moriah slumped and clamped her knees together, her orgasm completed. “Holy fuck…that was insane.”
      I moved closer to Moriah and reached across her to the other woman. I slowly ran my hand over one of Robyn’s luscious, round breasts. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
      “I’d like to play with these.”
      “Yes,” she responded, her eyes still closed.
      Moments later, three nude women were on the bed, with Robyn in the middle, her legs spread. I was kissing and stroking Robyn’s breasts. She was settled back on her elbows as Moriah slowly and gently played with her labia.
      “Let’s see if you’re wet,” Moriah said. “You’re certainly swollen and red.” She ran a finger down Robyn’s slit to the entrance of her hole and pressed. Robyn’s back arched and she fell back on the pillows, gasping.
      The masturbating began in earnest. Moriah shifted on the bed for a better angle as she slowly finger-fucked Robyn, her other hand working her clit. “This is going to be epic,” she said to me. Robyn’s breath was coming faster and faster. She was clearly on her way to Planet O, and Moriah was driving the ship.
      Robyn’s hips bucked and she cried out, writhing in pleasure, crying out in her orgasmic relief.
      Then, I saw something I’d never seen before. As her orgasm peaked, Robyn gave a full body shudder, and her hips began to shake and gyrate. With her ass off the bed, her head thrown back, she screamed desperately, both hands gripping Moriah’s. She spurted three rooster tails of girl jism in fast succession. If we had been in a Motel 6 and not this high-end, high-ceilinged hotel room, she would have sprayed the ceiling with her cum. I heard the initial squirt splat on the carpet at the foot of the bed, while the second and third waves soaked the towel I had just laid out.
      Robyn raised her head, dazed. “Oh, God…what was that? Did I pee?” Robyn’s chest was still heaving from the intensity of her climax, her words coming out between gasps.
      “Jesus, Robyn, you squirted,” Moriah said.
      “I did what? What do you mean? It has to be pee.”
      I gathered the large towel where most of the spurts had landed. I sniffed. Nope, not pee. I handed it to Moriah, who sniffed. She then held it to Robyn’s face. “Sniff.”
      “Yeah, you’re right. Squirting? I’ve never heard of it.”
      “Well, that’s what you did. I’ve never done it, but Alison did. Once, right, darling?”
      “Yep. You took me in the women’s room of a movie theater. I squirted right into the toilet.”
      I rolled off the bed, found my purse, and started rummaging. All this female sex and I hadn’t gotten off yet. But I knew what I wanted. I wanted to be fucked by a virgin.
      “Here, put this on,” I said, handing Robyn a purple, yellow-flecked dildo and leather harness.
      “What’s this?” Her eyes were big. “I don’t know what to do with this.”
      “That’s the point. Put it on.”

Word Count: 25,700

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