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Alison's Erotic Adventures I - Three-Book Anthology


[Lesbian erotica, MF erotica, Explicit erotica, Public sex, Serial gang bang, Cunnilingus, Oral sex, Blow job, Masturbation, Outdoor sex, Vibrator, Policewoman sex, BDSM]

Alison is a normal, gorgeous, early-thirties woman with a hobby—sex. Wearing a strap-on vibrator with a remote control, she jills-off in a park, leading to her first lesbian seduction, anonymous sex with a well-hung guy in a forest glen, and a traffic stop that ends in a cheap motel (book 1). In book 2, our hero makes seven horny steelworkers very happy on a busted pool table in the back of a bar. Book 3 features a weekend of sex (private and public) with Alison’s new lesbian lover. Now you can read about Alison in one, 30,000-word-plus volume of her explicit, nonstop sexual adventures.


      Settling on the bench, I took the remote out of my purse and gave it a squeeze. The breeze rustling the leaves and the sound of traffic rendered the buzz between my legs inaudible. I was already excited just thinking about what I was about to do—a public jill-off! A chill shot up my spine as I envisioned the exquisite agony of controlling my responses to a bone-shattering orgasm in an outdoor setting. I could always flick the remote if I started to lose control.
      It only took a moment for the buzz between my legs to broadcast little waves of pleasure through my pelvis. Pinpricks of pleasure ran up my spine. A pool of liquid delight formed at the base of my spine and threatened to spill out. OMG! This was getting so intense so fast.
      I clicked it off.
      My hand went to my throat, like a matron shocked by the sight of an exposed ankle at a Victorian soiree. I coughed demurely and straightened my skirt. My exterior under control, I did an internal check. My pussy throbbed, while both nipples stood at full attention and pushed against the fabric of my bra. I resettled myself, shifting my hips as I clutched my purse in my lap. This was so much fun!
      A tall and statuesque woman came out of the library and started down the steps. Her breasts jiggled deliciously under her tee shirt—she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, which made me happy.
      It was time for action. I clicked the toy on.
      I'm not a lesbian, but I like looking at attractive women. If there weren’t hot guys around, she would do just fine. What's not to admire in a youthful female body on a fine spring day? She flounced toward me, then turned and walked by. Her ass was poured into her jeans.
      I spread my legs. The gossamer fabric of my panties was soaked. My juices flowed, and I knew my pussy lips were slick. The vibrations went through my ass to the hard bench and bounced back, amplifying their intensity. The muscles of my vagina tightened, and my asshole throbbed. This was exactly what I’d wanted the toy to do.
      As I squirmed and clenched my teeth, I knew an orgasm was on its way. The sexual energy moved up my spine, over my shoulders, and to my breasts, tingling beneath my light, summer-weight top. I fought the urge to splay my legs and plunge two fingers into my slick hole. Gripping my purse, I squeezed hard.
      As if on cue, two co-eds in cut-offs walked by, boobs bouncing and their tight little asses twitching.
      I switched it off. My breath came in short spurts as I sat upright on the bench. If I looked anything like I felt, a concerned citizen would be compelled to call the fire department.
      I was so zoned out and close to coming I hadn't noticed the woman who’d seated herself next to me.
      “Beautiful day, huh?”
      I must have jumped an inch. She was thirtyish, with blonde hair just past her ears, and dressed demurely in a long skirt and embroidered blouse. She was even prettier than the woman with the bouncing breasts, and I was primed. I sucked in my breath.
      “Gorgeous,” I replied. Miraculously, I got the word out without my voice breaking.
      She smiled, looking me up and down with a knowing look. “You seem to be enjoying yourself.”
      She had that right. Had she been watching me? I was just this side of an orgasm, my pussy throbbing, and getting off was my number-one priority. This woman was so good-looking and so nonthreatening, I decided to be truthful. I returned her smile. “I'm masturbating.”
      She turned toward me and leaned in, crossing one leg over the other, her hands folded in front of her.
      “Mind if I watch?”

Word Count: 30,500

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