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Angel Falls Library #6 - Forbidden Incentives


[adult, erotica, incest erotica, mother son taboo, father daughter taboo, incest romance, masturbation, threesome sex, group sex]

Angel Falls is a college town, home of the prestigious Winston University. At the center of the campus lies the Angel Falls Library where assistant librarian Paige Turner keeps in her office private journals containing the town’s most notorious secrets. In these journals are stories that residents and students have shared with Paige telling of their intimate experiences with members of their own families. Possessing a unique instinct for detecting those with an inclination toward incestuous desires, Paige finds no shortage of those willing to confide in her and share their stories.

In this 6th entry, Paige meets a boy whose mother comes up with a rather… ‘unique’ way to motivate her son into improving his grades after he becomes lackadaisical about not only school, but just about everything else as well. His mother’s ‘proposition’ turns out to be amazingly successful and the results are immediate.

What she DOESN’T count on is how much she finds herself enjoying the erotic encounters she proposes, or where they will eventually lead. Motivated by motherly concern, a desperate attempt at turning her son’s attitude around ultimately causes her to look at herself, relationships, and life in general in whole new ways.

When Paige meets Justin and his mother, all of their lives take some unexpected turns, and it ends up becoming a pivotal point in the creation of The Angel Falls Library Files.


      Trying on various outfits, occasionally the thought would hit her; my god, I'm actually looking for something to wear to try to seduce my own son! Each time the thought entered her mind, her heart would start racing with a titillating thrill. Paula couldn't remember the last time she got so excited trying to impress someone, hoping he would get turned on by her. Even getting dressed up for Victor back when they were first dating didn't bring on the thrilling trepidation she was feeling at that moment. Victor was pretty much the one who pursued her. She didn't really have to try too hard with him.
      In fact, the last time she worked so hard to try to impress a boy was… well, when she was Justin’s age. In spite of the enormous inappropriateness of it, she couldn't help but relish in the excitement of it.
      She finally decided on an off-white t-shirt from her “just one size too small” box in the back of her closet. The rounded neckline hit just below where her cleavage started. Her breasts struggled against its tightness, and the bottom came dangerously close to not quite covering up her rounded belly completely. She thought about forgoing the bra, as her nipples would surely be noticeable against the fabric, but decided overall that the bra would most accentuate the fullness of her breasts.
      She completed the look by adding a pair of black shorts that held tight against her thighs and traced along the curvature of her butt almost like it was painted on. Since it was fairly warm out, she felt she could get away with that instead of the slacks or jeans she normally wore. She considered adding a pair of high heels which she felt would highly accentuate her shapely legs, but figured that might be a bit too much. Instead she settled on a pair of sandals. Much ‘safer,’ she thought as she fought off another mild tingle of excitement.
      Just a small dab of perfume and a tussle of her dark hair, and she felt the look was complete. She stood in front of the mirror and grinned. She actually felt butterflies in her stomach by what she was about to do. She liked the image of the woman staring back at her. She was still sexy. She was still alluring. And she felt an excitement in her gut she hadn't felt in years.
      Paula’s heart started beating wildly as she heard the front door open and heard the plunk of her son’s bookbag hit the floor. She stood at the sink washing dishes, feeling the flutters intensify as his footsteps drew closer. She felt her heart would almost burst out of her chest as Justin walked into the room.
      “Hey, sweetie,” she chirped, trying desperately to smile casually as she looked up at him.
      “Hey… Mom.” Justin stood there for a couple of seconds as he glanced at his mother, curiosity filling his eyes as well as his voice, but his slightly widened eyes as his mother's form filled his vision was more than noticeable to Paula.
      Paula could feel her son's curious stare pierce her back as Justin walked behind her toward the refrigerator. Paula looked down toward the plate she was washing, trying desperately to keep her giddy smile of satisfaction hidden from her son. As soon as she could halfway manage to control her expression, she looked behind her at him as he continued to gaze upon her while drinking the glass of milk he poured.
      “Is something wrong, sweetie?” Paula was surprised at herself for managing to hold back the glee she was feeling as she spoke.
      “No,” Justin replied after gulping down his drink. “It's just that you usually don't dress like that.”
      “Oh.” A slight laugh escaped Paula’s lips as she looked casually back down at the sink and continued washing. “I'm a little behind on laundry, so I just threw some old stuff on till I could get to it.”
      “Oh. I see.” Justin’s voice was low and sounded distracted, as if he wasn't really paying that much attention to his mother's response. Paula looked back at him again a few seconds later to see him still gazing at her, leaning back against the kitchen table as he took another drink.
      “I don't look that terrible, do I?”
      “No! Not at all!” Justin exclaimed, immediately looking slightly embarrassed at his display of exuberance. “You just look… different.”
      “I just look lazy, is probably what it is,” Paula replied as she looked back down at the sink, trying desperately to hide her excitement at being ogled by her own son.
      Justin quietly let the comment pass without response, allowing himself a few more seconds of taking in the sight of his mother's full-figured form before taking his glass and a half bag of chips and walking out.
      “Well, I'm going to go up and watch some TV for a while before supper,” he announced as he walked behind her and out the doorway.
      “You might want to think about getting a start on whatever homework you might have before supper, too,” Paula called out after him, trying to exude a strict motherly tone through the lascivious feelings rushing through her at the moment. Justin let that comment pass without response as well.
      “Wow!” Paula mouthed silently as soon as Justin was out of eyesight. Totally taken aback by her son’s reaction, Paula had to steady herself against the sink as her heart pounded excruciatingly fast with excitement. Well. I would call that experiment a success, she thought to herself with a mild laugh. As she allowed a brief passing thought of what her son might have been in such a rush to go up to his room to do, she actually felt a tingle start to develop deep inside her pussy.

Word Count: 31,000

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