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Taboo Transformation #3 - Suddenly Nymphos


[incest, hardcore sex, groupsex, brother/sister, aunt/nephew, body transformation, masturbation, cybersex, exhibitionism, science fiction, lesbian]

Jane Richardson should be happy. Her medical experiments have been successful beyond her wildest dreams. The formally flat-chested, undersexed woman and her two nieces now have bodies most women dream about. But now their lusty eyes are looking towards her nephew, Zach. It might be wrong, but what can three women do when they’re all…Suddenly Nymphos? - The conclusion of “The Taboo Transformation”


      “You know,” a voice said, interrupting his reverie, “if you keep doing that you're going to go blind.”
      He whirled in his chair, face burning, to see Lillian standing a few steps away, dressed in an old t-shirt and a pair of yoga pants, a small smile playing over her lips. “Or is it grow hair on your palms? I always forget.”
      “It's both,” he snapped, anger at his twin cutting through the embarrassment of being caught with his hand in his pants. “If it was true. Which it isn't. Otherwise I would have had to buy a razor just for my hands this past year in Madison.”
      Lillian raised her eyebrows. “So, little brother couldn't get laid? Maybe hanging out with all those feminists was a bad move, bro.”
      His lips thinned angrily. “What. Do. You. Want. Lillian?” He bit off each word.
      “I want your body.” As his eyes widened in disbelief, she raised her arms above her head, showing off her now-considerable assets. The thin cloth of her t-shirt stretched tautly over a pair of firm breasts, the outlines of her nipples clearly visible. Unwillingly, his eyes took in the newly acquired curves of her hips and rear as she spun in place, showing off. “And you want me. I know it. I could feel it this morning. All of it.” Her eyes dropped to his lap. “Damn, bro. It looks like you've been holding out on me. I didn't think you had such a sweet package down there.”
      He felt his mind crystallize with rage. How dare she treat him like a piece of meat! He stood up, moving close. Lillian was tall, as were all members of his family, but at over six feet, he loomed over her. “You want me?” he asked, his voice soft and dangerous.
      Her pulse was beating rapidly in the hollow of her throat, but she raised her eyes defiantly. “Yes.”
      “Fine. You'll get what you want. But you might not want it when you get it.” With an angry jerk, he grabbed her arm and spun her towards his bed.
      “Ow! Damn it, Zach, what are you doing?”
      “Shut up and lay down.” He shoved her towards the mattress. As Lillian stumbled and fell face-first onto his rumpled sheets, still holding the aroma of her sister, he set his hand in the small of her back, holding her in place. Her rear curled up invitingly. Resisting the urge to stroke it, he instead hooked his thumbs around the waistband of her yoga pants, pulling them down to her ankles. Bundling them in his hands, he tossed them into a corner.
      “Spread your legs,” he ordered.
      “Zach, what's wrong with you?” Her voice was trembling. Is she scared? Good.
      “I said, spread your damn legs. Or I put a lock on the door up there, and you'll never have this chance again.”

Word Count: 13,400

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