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The Coven Chronicles Anthology


[incest, mother/son, brother/sister, cousins, witches, fantasy, virgins, aunt/nephew, demon, hardcore sex, virgin sex, male virgin sex, groupsex]

The Chamberlain family has a secret. Long ago, one of their number mated with an ancient forest god, giving their line great power.

But times are changing. In desperation, the Chamberlains concoct a dangerous plan. Follow this epic story as they learn what it is to truly love, and as they fight against an ancient terror.

These are...The Coven Chronicles.


      She ran her hands down her sides to her legs, and then up the insides of her thighs. Her thumbs stroked the patch of hair above her mound. Some girls shaved a landing strip there, she knew. Hers was in the shape of a star. It took a lot of work, and a steady hand, but the sight always made her feel delightfully wicked. She lounged back in the old leather recliner, knees hooked over the armrests, left hand busily frigging her steamy pussy. Almost involuntarily, she drew the charm for lust on the inside of her left thigh, and the charm for fertility on the right.
      And on her belly, above her womb, the rune achma, for broken promises and shattered faith.
      She really was most remarkably horny. Davey had made her feel like this, hot and itchy, and fluttery in her belly, before his mom got a better job in Seattle with Boeing and he had to move to Washington. They had tried to get away, just for a couple of hours, but her mother had always been there to make sure she and Davey couldn't.
      She scowled. Why did her mother have to always ruin everything?
      Well, she wasn't here tonight. She wouldn't ruin her good time. John was coming home soon. She could feel it. Each twin always knew where the other one was. John would get home, and they would have some supper and maybe watch a movie. And then to bed.
      She felt his presence in her head even before she saw the headlights or heard the car pull into the drive. She smiled. It was her best friend. Her brother John. And he was so happy. Maybe he got to play in the game!
      She walked into the kitchen to meet him at the front door. Her left hand was still idly playing with her dew-soaked petals. The other cupped her right breast, teasing the nipple, shirt pushed up above her breasts. Teasing teasing teasing.
      Oh Goddess, I am so horny. I need I need I need
      Her brother walked in the door. She gasped when she saw him. His presence struck her like a wave. He smelled of crushed grass and infield dust and the stink of summer sweat. His uniform shirt was open to the waist, and she could see the sparse hair of his chest. He hadn't shaved since the morning, and his hair, black like their sister Eleanor's, made a raspy stubble on his chin that she ached to rub her hands against. His green eyes shone with joy.
      And below, raising rampant from his unbuttoned pants, his erection stood proudly.
      “Susanna! Sis! We won the game! Tom got hurt and I came in and drove in two runs and scored the winning run. I was the hero! And I got into a fight and coach said it was OK and I'll be...”
      His voice trailed off. They stared at each other.
      Deep in John's eyes, something changed.
      “Jo…Jo…John?” Susanna stuttered. She saw danger in John's eyes. Something angry and feral.
      And something deep within her answered. A wicked, wanton craving. A desire that would never be slaked, not ’til the skies fell dark and the stars burned out.

Word Count: 115,000

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