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Angel Falls Library #3 - Give And Take


[erotica, adult, taboo, incest erotica, father and daughter sex, mother and daughter sex, spanking and sex, interracial sex]

In this third entry, Paige steers Natalie in the direction of having her ultimate incestuous fantasies and desires fulfilled. In the meantime, Paige gains an unexpected ally in her attempts at fulfilling her own incestuous cravings: Her mother!


      Looking down at her curiously, Jeffry debated whether or not to ask her to elaborate, not sure if he was ready to hear the answer. He tried in vain to compose himself, trying to get his head to stop spinning enough to just move and walk away. Instead, he just put his hands back down on the stove, feeling this young, blonde, sexy friend of his daughter's pressing up against him.
      "You wanna know a secret?" Paige asked, her voice now dripping in seduction. Bringing her lips up to Jeffry's ear, she then just blurted it out in a whisper. "Natalie has fantasies about you."
      Jeffry stammered for a second before finally getting words out that were somewhat intelligible. "Okay, Paige, maybe we should..."
      "But... If you don't want to hear about it..." Paige said teasingly as she turned her body away and took a step toward the back door. "I'll just mosey on home then."
      "What sort of fantasies?" Jeffry asked, causing Paige to stop before taking another step, a grin of satisfaction pursing her lips knowing that Jeffry didn't want her to leave without hearing more.
      "Well," Paige said as she turned and walked back up to him, "Natalie's been having dreams lately about you spanking her."
      "Spanking?" Jeffry responded, his eyes squinting as confusion blanketed his face.
      "Natalie remembers you spanking her when she was little. Now she gets turned on at the thought of it."
      "Just...spanking," Jeffry repeated, trying to grasp the idea.
      "Well, not just spanking," Paige explained. "That's how it start out. She's bare-assed when you're spanking her, but then after a while you start... exploring, seeing how wet she is, how wet you're making her, then it just sort of... progresses from there."
      Jeffry's heart started racing faster as Paige talked, surprised at how titillating the thought was to him. He did find himself having stray thoughts about his daughter as she grew older, mainly chalking it up to just noticing how beautiful of a woman she was developing into. Discovering that his daughter also harbored more than just stray erotic thoughts about him caused a thrill to rapidly shoot through his gut and down to his groin.
      Paige noticed the effect as she glanced down and caught the bulge starting to form in Jeffry's pants. "That thought excites you, doesn't it?" Paige said as she gently pressed her hand against it. "You like the thought of spanking Natalie and making her wet?"
      Jeffry made one last futile attempt to tell himself that he should just stop all this and back away, sending Paige home and pretending the conversation never even took place, but ultimately gave in to Paige's caressing of his increasingly hardening cock.
      Paige fumbled with Jeffry's belt, then undid the button and zipper on his pants, slowly kneeling down as she pulled Jeffry's pants and underwear down, freeing his erection from its tight confines.
      "Paige, we shouldn't... You're Natalie's... You're... Ohh, my god..." Jeffry tried to get the words out as he felt Paige's mouth engulf his shaft, fully surrendering to the pleasure of her lips gliding up and down it.
      "It's just a blowjob, Mr. Logan," Paige said, releasing his cock and stroking it a few times. "I can't just very well go off and leave you in this condition, can I? I mean, I was the one who caused it, telling you all about how Natalie fantasizes about you and everything."

Word Count: 14,500

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