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Daddy's Horny Virgins #4 - Daddy's Seductive Virgin


[incest, father daughter sex, teen virgin, big cock, older man, voyeur, masturbation, blowjob, pussy licking, cunnilingus, oral sex, hardcore sex, anal sex, first time sex]

Sabrina is the most stunningly beautiful girl Tom has ever seen, and his lust for her is overpowering. There’s just one little problem…she’s also his sexy teenage daughter! But Sabrina has been hiding a secret of her own. She wants her seriously built daddy to be her first and only lover, and she’s not going to stop seducing him until he gives in!


      Could it really be wrong when she felt so incredibly right in his arms? She fit there as if she’d been made specially for him…and her supple movements were driving him crazy!
      No, he couldn’t think about that because, God help him, the thrill of the forbidden was making him even hornier! And he was already so close to that razor-sharp edge, he didn’t know how much longer he could keep his hands off her!
      But he’d slice his balls off with a rusty saw and burn them before he allowed Sabrina to get hurt.
      Before he could push her away, she stretched up on her toes, and began to kiss him.
      “Brie!” His low moan echoed through the room as she wriggled seductively against him…and the last faint traces of his control snapped.
      No matter what the consequences, he had to have her! Just once, to purge this fiery burning in his bloodstream…
      His bedroom was too far away. Hers was closer. Breathlessly he swung her up into his arms.
      Finally! Brie’s heart pounded with excitement as he strode through the darkened hallway, then pushed her door open and let it slam behind him. She’d almost given up hope that she could seduce him! How many times had she tried to make him jealous, and pranced around in skimpy clothes designed to make him unbearably horny?
      Sunbathing in the nude had finally done the trick. There wasn’t a man alive who could resist such a blatant offer…even if he was her father, and trying hard to resist the lust he so obviously felt!
      “Let me,” she panted as he set her on the bed, and reached for his worn shorts. The zipper parted beneath her agile fingers, and she tried to pull them down his lean hips. But his curving cock was still surging up at an incredibly erotic angle.
      Tom managed a breathless laugh. “I’ll do it.” But his fingers shook as he pushed his long shaft down against his thigh so she could tug his shorts off.
      The moment it was free, it leaped back up, so tall and proud that it nearly brushed against his washboard stomach.
      Sabrina’s mouth watered. She knew what hot cock tasted like, because she’d sampled as many as she could—while she’d waited for him to finally notice her. But no one had ever called her a tease, because she’d always made sure her boyfriend-de-jour came hard and often, even if she wouldn’t spread her legs for the final act.
      A deep, rasping moan echoed in his chest as she leaned forward to glide her tongue all the way from his swollen balls to his pulsing crest. “The hell you’re still a virgin…” Then his protest dissolved in a frantic gasp as she drew him into her hot mouth, and began to swirl her tongue around his slick tip.
      He was huge! She’d known all along, because over the years she’d manage to find dozens of ways to spy on him when he was whacking off. But she hadn’t realized exactly how big he was until she tried to draw him into her mouth, and nearly choked when his surging cock barely fit.
      “Oh, I’ve been practicing while I waited.” Her jaws ached when she released him and leaned back to grin up at his dazed face. Okay, obviously she was going to have to practice a lot more on the real thing before it became comfortable. But there were lots of other things she could do…and she could hardly wait to show him everything she’d learned!

Word Count: 6,300

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