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Taboo Sex: Erotic Writer’s True Confessions


[erotica, hardcore, true confession, incest, father-daughter sex, teen, virgin, older man, sleepwalking, masturbation, seduction, outdoor sex, anal sex, oral sex]

Since ‘true confession’ stories are all the rage these days, I thought perhaps it was time I wrote mine. This is the real story about how I was inspired to write award-winning erotica--by losing my virginity to one of the greatest lovers of all time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! >:-)


      By the time dinner was finished, I was so wired that I felt like I might explode. Would Max sleepwalk tonight? I’d never seen a man masturbating…never seen a man’s naked body at all!…and the yearning to fill that gap in my education was suddenly overwhelming.
      Then a troubling thought occurred to me, and as usual, I blurted it out without thinking first. “I didn’t interrupt anything by coming up here this weekend, did I?”
      He turned those intense eyes in my direction again, and I nearly moaned with pure sensual delight. “I don’t understand,” he hedged, but somehow I thought he might.
      “Well…I mean, if you have a girlfriend or something…” Now that I’d started, I wasn’t quite sure how to finish. “I didn’t mean to chase her away or anything.”
      “I don’t have a girlfriend.” For one brief second, I thought I saw something flash in his eyes, but then it was gone again, and he seemed to withdraw inside himself. “I haven’t had very much luck in that area of my life. I tend to want…too much.”
      Too much what? Time? Attention? Sex?
      “Don’t worry if you hear me moving around tonight,” he added a while later, when he ushered me into my temporary bedroom. “I sleepwalk a lot. But I never knock anything over, and I never wander too far. I hope I won’t wake you—but if I do, just go back to sleep. And I’ll see you in the morning.”
      He bent to kiss my cheek, but I managed to turn my head just enough that his mouth landed on mine. This time it seemed to fluster him a little, and he backed away with a hurried “Good night, Franki!” The door closed behind him, and I heard his crisp footsteps retreating swiftly down the hall.
      I changed into my customary knee-length nightshirt and turned out my light, but I didn’t get in bed. If I did, I knew I’d start touching myself—it was a habit too deeply ingrained to break—and then I’d fall quickly asleep. I didn’t want to fall asleep; I wanted to stay awake and see if Max wandered around the house naked!
      I didn’t have long to wait. His bedroom was just down the hallway. About an hour after he’d closed the door firmly behind him, it quietly opened again. I was instantly on my feet. Silently I opened my own door, just in time to see his lanky figure wandering slowly around the far corner. Was he naked? I wasn’t sure, because the house was wreathed in shadows. But I thought so.
      Breathlessly I crept after him, and reached the great-room just as the screen door flapped closed. He was heading outside!
      Moonlight was slanting through the big clearing, turning everything silvery. His naked muscular body gleamed like a Greek god’s as he shuffled along, moving to the right a few steps, then changing direction and heading left.
      Then he stopped, and turned back toward the cabin. His eyes were closed, but his body was definitely awake! I think I made a choking sound as all the air in the room turned to thick soup. Maybe I didn’t have anything to use for comparison, but even I knew that his body was absolutely gorgeous!

Word Count: 13,032

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