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Hazard Chronicles #21 - Moms Backdoor Birthday Surprise


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, incest, mother/son, milf, anal sex]

Brad hasn't gotten laid in weeks, and now he's so horny he's about to burst! But the only woman available is his mom...his extremely sexy mom!

In his wildest dreams, he never suspected she thinks he's totally hot, and has always wanted to fuck him! But he's about to find out...


      Board games weren't exactly what he'd had in mind, while he'd been slowly stroking himself upstairs in his bedroom. A sexy willing girl, now that would be an incredible birthday present! But the only girl around was his mom.
      The hot jolt that ricocheted through his lean body startled him.
      Down, boy...nothing for you here.
      Another jolt, and the front of his nightshirt began to bulge out in an erotic tent.
      Brad quickly shifted positions, so that his fierce arousal wouldn't be quite as visible. His mom was pretty mellow about most things, and didn't even mind him wandering around in his underpants. But he didn't think she'd like seeing him prance around with a huge erection. That was likely to lead to all kinds of awkward questions.
      The light touch of her hand sent electric currents racing through his blood. Brad sucked in a startled gasp, and only just managed to turn it into a strained yawn when she glanced up at him in concern.
      He'd swear that the thought had never occurred to him before, but suddenly there it was, full-formed in brilliant glowing colors. He didn't want a teenage girl. He wanted his mother!
      God was going to blast him into a million charred pieces for even daring to think such a thing!
      He shifted a little more, then urgently pressed the heel of his hand against the bobbing tent, trying to force it into submission.
      He was just starting up the stairs when her soft voice stopped him in his tracks. "You're lucky that you can take care of it so easily."
      "What?" He spun around and stared at her in shocked disbelief.
      "What?" She looked at him, too, and then a rosy blush stained her cheeks. "Oh! I didn't mean for you to hear me!"
      Very slowly, her eyes dropped. The base of his long shirt was still jutting out at an erotic angle...and when he felt the heat of her fascinated gaze lock onto the bulge, a hot surge of need rose to swell it even bigger.
      Quickly Dee looked away again. Brad was her son, the child of her womb...
      But he'd also grown up into a very sexy young man. Living on the farm had made him strong and muscular. It was no wonder all the girls sighed and made threadbare excuses to visit.
      "I wish I could help you. I mean, uh..." His face was scarlet. Then he saw the humor in it, and started to laugh. "That came out really wrong, didn't it?"
      "Yeah." She found herself able to grin up at him more easily. "But I think I know what you meant, even if it did come out really wrong! Thanks."
      They stared at each other in breathless silence for a long, tense moment. Then Brad took his foot off the bottom step, and began to walk toward her...

Word Count: 4,350

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