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Daddy's Horny Virgins #6 - Daddy's Frightened Virgin


[erotica, hardcore, teen, virgin, older man, younger woman, horny widower, father, daughter, first-time sex, anal sex, blowjob, pregnancy, childbirth, incest]

Olivia has been plagued with nightmares all her life, and only snuggling in her parents’ bed makes her feel safe. But after her mother died, her father told her she needed to grow up and deal with her nightmares like an adult.

She really has tried…

Until the magical night she catches him masturbating in the living room, and discovers a new way to make all her bad dreams go away forever!


      Finally I did fall asleep…and tumbled headlong right into one of my most common nightmares. I was trapped out in the snow in just my thin summer nightgown and bare feet. Wolves were snapping at me, just barely missing me with their gleaming six-inch fangs, and their eyes glowed ruby-red as the blizzard whipped by me. I turned to run, but my feet were frozen in the snow, and I couldn’t move. I fell, and the first wolf attacked…
      I woke with a muffled scream and raced into the narrow hallway, then leaned against the wall and gulped for air.
      The floor was icy-cold under my bare feet, but firelight was dancing out in the living room. It looked warm and safe. I headed for the inviting golden glow…then skidded to a stop just inside the doorway.
      Dad was sprawled across the comfortable leather couch, naked as a newborn baby, and his big hand was moving rhythmically up and down the big thing jutting up between his legs.
      I knew what it was, of course…I’d been living on the farm all my life; I’d seen animals mating ever since I could walk. The male body was no mystery to me…from a clinical standpoint.
      But I’d never seen a naked human male body before, and it was totally different, somehow, than pencil sketches in a health book. I gasped…and Dad jumped a mile, and guiltily fumbled for the soft blanket he always draped over one worn armrest. It didn’t help a lot; the blanket bulged up in a huge tent that was even more revealing than not having it there at all.
      I wanted to feel his comforting arms around me…so I climbed right into his lap, just the way I had when I’d been a frightened little girl.
      “Liv!” Startled, he tried to push me away, but I laid my head on his shoulder, and wrapped my arms around his neck. “You’re too old for this kind of thing now,” he scolded. His heart raced against my arm and the curve of my full breast. “This is wrong. You shouldn’t be sitting in my lap anymore.”
      “Why were you doing…that?” I demanded.
      He looked embarrassed. “You know why.”
      “Because touching it makes you feel good.” Yes, I remembered my classes very well. “What I meant was, why were you doing it out here?”
      He was silent for so long that I thought he might not answer me at all. But finally he murmured, “The first time I made love to your mother was out here in the living room, on our wedding night. She was nervous about going into the bedroom, so we sat out here by the fire and kissed, and touched each other, until she stopped being afraid…”
      His voice trailed off as sweet memories enveloped him. Beneath me, his long shaft surged again, and began to thud as his pulse quickened. “Every year, on our anniversary, I come out here and remember that night. It was so incredible that I just can’t help stroking myself. I guess…” He ducked his head to hide his guilty expression. “I guess it helps bring your mom back, just a little. I miss her so much!”
      Somehow I got the feeling that wasn’t the only reason, but I couldn’t imagine why else he’d chosen the living room over his comfortable bedroom. “I think that’s awfully nice,” I told him, and snuggled a little tighter. “I hope my first time is that romantic.”
      He jolted beneath me, and I thought I felt slick wetness dampen the blanket between us. “Your first time?” I was sure I heard him whisper in a husky half-gasp. Then he released a long shuddering breath...

Word Count: 4,800

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