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Daddy's Horny Virgins #5 - Daddy's Teasing Virgin


[teen, virgin, older man, older men, hardcore sex, anal sex, outdoor sex, double penetration, groupsex, blowjob, father, brother, taboo sex, incest]

Sassy has always been fascinated by men. Everything about them makes her horny! Cody and Jason are the sexiest men she knows, and she wants one of them—either of them—to be her first lover. Now she finally has her chance to make her wildest dreams come true. Who will be the lucky man to bang Daddy’s Teasing Virgin…Cody, Jason, or both of them at once?


      Gradually she teased Cody away from the pool’s edge, then swam around him like a limber dolphin, cavorting in tightening circles until her bare arms and legs were brushing against his beneath the water’s surface. Her delight tripled when she slowed directly in front of him, and saw that his swimsuit was jutting out at an incredibly erotic angle.
      Wow, he must be huge!
      Okay, he was definitely horny. So now how could she entice him into her bed?
      Maybe she could sneak into his bedroom after lights out, and snuggle up with him until he woke. Would he mistake her for her mother in his sleepy confusion?
      She made another loop, and ‘accidentally’ brushed her hand right across his groin as she passed. His entire body jolted, and he took a half-step back before regaining his balance again. When she surfaced several feet away and flopped back to grin up at the rising moon, his face was flushed and his chest was heaving.
      Nothing could have pleased her more…for now.
      She made sure not to touch him on her next several loops…then ‘accidentally’ trailed her fingers across him again. His lean hips jerked with reaction. She was sure she heard a muffled groan echo down through the water as she darted away and then swung back.
      This time when she resurfaced, he looked like a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown. His big hands visibly shook before he clenched them into fists, and long tremors swept down his muscular body. Even through the rippling water, she could see how his rigid cock was bobbing up and down in lusty yearning.
      “I think I’ve had enough for a while,” he managed in a husky half-groan, and raked his fingers through his wet hair before turning away. “I’m gonna head inside and…dry off.”
      ‘Whack off’ was probably closer to the truth; he was breathing so fast that he had to be getting really dizzy. Sassy pouted, but secretly she was ecstatic. Maybe he wouldn’t let her any closer tonight, but there was always tomorrow night. And the night after that, and the night after that!
      And there was still Jason, who’d been staring at her like a drowning man whenever he thought she was looking away. Maybe she could snap his willpower instead. Whatever it took, she was determined that tonight would be The Night!

Word Count: 6,995

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