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Daddy's Horny Virgins #2 - Daddy's Curious Virgin


[incest, father daughter sex, teen virgin, first time sex, masturbation, voyeur, blowjob, pussy licking, cunnilingus, oral sex, anal sex, hardcore sex, older man, younger woman]

Carly and her daddy have lived alone on the farm ever since her mother left them years ago. Will’s libido has always been in high gear, and now he’s going crazy since it’s been so long since he had sex. He masturbates behind the barn every day, but he never realized Carly could see him from her cozy little treehouse. Now she’s starting to take a real interest in sex, and there’s no one around to play this wonderful new game with…except her lusty father! Can she entice him into dropping his inhibitions and becoming her first lover?


      He barely made it to his room before the pressure brought him to his knees, and he came again almost as soon as he’d yanked his zipper down. Groaning, he fumbled for a Kleenex, then gave up and stripped his clothes off entirely. His briefs were a total loss, and even his jeans were damp around the crotch.
      She! Is! Your! Daughter! You! Pervert!
      She was also a sexy young vixen who obviously wanted to get laid. And since he was the only man available…
      Christ, why hadn’t he seen this coming? And how could he explain to her, without hurting her feelings even more, that fucking his pretty teenage daughter was something so taboo that even thinking about it was likely to send them both straight to Hell?
      Not that he believed in Heaven or Hell, especially. But still.
      He felt a little better, a little more in control, once he’d pulled on clean clothes. Well, that and two ball-busting climaxes within five minutes.
      He had a feeling that he was going to need every bit of control he could muster when he climbed up into her cozy little treehouse.
      He was right, too. It smelled like Carly, with a fresh overlay of sweet virgin pussy that made his cock leap right back up to attention.
      And of course she noticed. “Why does it do that?” she asked, handing him the forbidden book with a sulky glare.
      “What?” He was fighting so hard to mentally hold it back down that he didn’t realize immediately what she meant.
      “Your cock.” It was the first time she’d said the word aloud.
      Will jolted as if she’d drawn a gun and shot him. “Carly, don’t say that word,” he ordered.
      “Well, why not?” Sulky was turning to pissed. “That’s what it’s called, isn’t it?”
      “It’s called a lot of different things. But that’s one of the dirty words, and I don’t want to hear you saying it.”
      Her lips tightened. “Then what should I call it? And why does it get hard?”
      He tried to ignore her rebellious tone by flipping through the well-worn book. Big mistake! The explicit photos leaped out at him, and wrapped right around his rigid shaft until it began to thud with reaction.
      No wonder she’d wanted to try touching herself! He could barely resist the urge himself!
      “I wanted you to be the one to do that to me,” she muttered as he gripped the book tighter, and struggled for air. “Why don’t you want to?”
      “I do.” And God help him, it was the truth. “But baby…”
      That fired her up again, and she jumped to her feet. “I’m not a baby! And I hate it when you treat me like one!”
      Before he could do more than choke on his own breath, she tore her blouse off and threw it aside, then yanked her tight shorts off. “When are you going to look at me and realize that I’ve grown up?”

Word Count: 6,400

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