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Blood Wars #2 - Hand Of Fate


[horror, erotic horror, witch, paranormal, supernatural, Chicago, mafia, assassin, magic, hardcore sex]

“Things are moving…forces are gathering, and they gather against you!”

Old Pearl’s ancient spirit guide predicts an impending war like even the bloody city of Chicago has never seen. But Abigail Lefay, mistress of a deadly coven, is no stranger to conflict. Most would fear danger. Abigail openly invites it.

She shows no fear of Mafia lieutenant Donnie Bellino, whose violent brother she killed, or his mysterious hired assassin. Nor will she back down from the cruel Ruine family she framed for Jimmy Bellino’s murder.

After all, Abigail Lefay is far from helpless. Her occult powers are formidable. Seth and his loyal mercenaries will fight at her side—and so will Pearl’s niece, Jasmine, a powerful psychic.

Most importantly, Abigail’s coven will come to her aid…or will they?

When she breaks a longtime tradition and risks war with another occult family, she faces the one threat she may not be able to survive:

Her own family!


      They reached the car, and Frank was about to open his door when Rocco exclaimed, “Are you kidding me?”
      Frank followed his gaze. Abigail Lefay was coming toward them from the other end of the alley. She’d changed, and was now wearing a long black skirt slit up to the hips on both sides, exposing thigh-high boots. Protruding from each boot was the hilt of a knife.
      Her top had been replaced by a leather vest with silver skulls as buttons. It wasn’t her outfit or even the knives that caused his hair to stand on end; it was her face. The big fake was smile gone; her black-painted lips were set in a feral snarl.
      She walked toward them, and her boots clicked on the concrete floor of the alley. A shadow passed over them, and with a loud caw, the crow dropped from the sky and perched on her shoulder. Its claws bit into the leather of the vest.
      “Well, well! Check it out, boys!” Rocco laughed. “Lily Munster is back, and she looks pissed.”
      Rocco walked past the car, and the other men followed. Frank forced himself to move through the feeling of dread that had returned full-force, and caught up to them.
      Abigail stopped about twenty feet away, and the guys spread out in front of her.
      Frank sidled up next to Jake. “Hang back. Let them handle this.”
      “Is she nuts?” Jake asked him quietly.
      “Yeah, looks that way.”
      “A little girl all alone in an alley better watch out!” Willie called to her. “No one’s going to hear you scream when we fuck your snotty pink ass.”
      “It’s not my screams that will fill this alley.” She pointed at them. “You dogs come into my club and seek to scare me? You threaten me?”
      “What you going to do about it, bitch?” Bobby pushed his jacket sleeve up to expose the black sheath around his forearm…the one she had somehow known he was wearing. “Think I’ll start with your bird.”
      With a flick of his wrist, he threw one of the small knives. It sailed end-over-end, heading straight for the bird. Abigail flicked her wrist to the side. The knife veered to the right, and struck the wall. A shower of sparks exploded.
      “Huh?” Bobby threw another, this time harder, and she flicked her other hand. The blade sailed up over her head, and they heard it land on the ground somewhere behind her.
      “My turn.” She held her hand out.
      The knife in her left boot flew into her palm, and Rocco gasped, “You… You see that?”
      She bent her arm so the blade touched her shoulder, then threw it in a backhand motion. The knife sailed through the air, spinning sideways, and both Willie and Rocco jumped away when it struck Bobby in the throat.
      He released a choking gurgle, and blood spurted around the knife protruding from his neck. He sank to his knees, clutching his neck and gagging, spraying blood several feet in front of him.
      “Finish him.” Abigail snapped her fingers, and the crow exploded off her shoulder, streaking across the short distance between them.

Word Count: 156,767

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