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The BBC Stud #1 - Blackmailing the BBC Stud


[hardcore, erotica, interracial sex, big black stud, bbc, teen virgin, masturbation, blowjob, pussy licking, cherry popping, blackmail, voyeur, gangbang]

Pretty Melanie spied on sexy black stud Pierce at the religious retreat, and saw him and two other men gangbanging a sexy counselor in every possible hole. Now she wants him to take her innocence with that huge black weapon…and she’ll blackmail him into it if he refuses!


      “Why do you keep saying no?” she demanded. “I won’t tell anyone, not ever!”
      “Baby, it’s not that easy.” He raked both hands through his short hair, and struggled to find the right words. “It’s got nothing to do with whether I want you. It’s all about what’s right and wrong. You’re a pretty girl, and someday you’ll want to get married. How do you think your husband would feel if he knew I’d fucked you half-unconscious?”
      He didn’t use raunchy words often…but maybe the crudity would shock her into thinking a little more clearly. Or just shock her, period, so that she’d stop cuddling against him, and driving him mad with her perky little bare breasts and the pressure of her soft pubic mound grinding erotically against his thudding cock.
      “Maybe I’ll never get married.” She sounded sulky now, and her restless movements became more insistent.
      Pierce laughed. “Now you’re just being silly. Of course you’ll get married when the right man comes along. But baby, I’m not him. I can’t be.”
      “Why not?” A soft moan bubbled in her throat as his cock surged and began pounding rhythmically against her flat belly.
      Why not, indeed? Because of the differences in their color? their ages? their backgrounds?
      “You need someone who can make love to you without hurting you.” Somehow it always seemed to come back to that. He was a menace to women just because of his size…and especially to innocent little virgins with way more curiosity than common sense.
      She was panting in erotic little gasps now. Deliberately he curled his hands around her hips, holding her still. His eager cock swelled even bigger as heat pumped off her quivering little body. If he moved his thumbs just a little, he could slide them right into the slick valley between her parting thighs. Despite his better intentions, they began to twitch, stroking her in tiny arousing circles. She moaned again, louder this time, and began to shake like a fever victim.
      What can it hurt? his lusty devil-half whispered in his ear. She wants you. She’s hot and wet and nearly ready to cum just from leaning against you. And you need to get fucked, man. You need it bad! Tight virgin pussy is just exactly what you need right this very minute!
      The memory of feeling her hardened nipples rise against his big palm sent another shaft of agonizing lust churning through his taut body.
      Take her, you moron! Right now! Give her what you both need! Pull her cute little skirt up, and slam into her so deep your cock juts right out her open mouth!
      If Chelsea had been under the podium with him, he wouldn’t have hesitated an instant. He’d be yanking his pants down and pushing her legs apart so he could plunder her tasty pussy with his tongue while she tried to fit his massive cock into her hot little mouth. And after he’d cum at least twice, and the baseball bat had shrunk down a little, then he’d have started easing it into her a little at a time, until he was buried deep inside and could start to hump up and down…
      Melly’s small hands suddenly slid between them, and she whimpered with stunned shock when steely heat filled them both to overflowing. His long body jolted like he’d been struck by lightning. “You do want it, don’t you?” she panted, clutching him. “Pierce, please!”
      It was the first time she’d ever used his first name, and the effect on his surging libido was unexpectedly erotic. He groaned deep in his throat, and helplessly clenched his fists. “This is wrong!” Slick pre-cum began to spurt from his massive cockhead. “Oh, God…”

Word Count: 6,401

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