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The Succubus #8 - Passion's Price


[succubus, lesbian, M/F sex, science fiction, fantasy, hardcore sex, oral sex, demon]

The end has come. In the final chapter of our story, Althea, the immortal succubus, knows that the confrontation with the demon-spawn Kincaid is near. To lure him into their trap means putting the entire family in harm's way. And even if she succeeds, will the love they all share survive? Because when all you hold dear is at risk, sometimes you have to pay...Passion's Price!


      “So...you're doing this for me?”
      “Oh, no. I'm doing it for me. I'm not worried about your performance tonight.” She laid a hand on his cheek. “I know you'll be fucking brilliant. I saw it the other day at your rehearsal. Someday, Alex, they are going to talk about you like they talk about Booth and Barrymore and Olivier. You're that good. All you need is time. And practice.” As his jaw dropped in astonishment at her praise, she continued. “But I need a couple of things. First, I need your power. The cum of a virile young man.” She closed her eyes, but her body shook in a shiver of desire, and she moved closer until their bodies were all but touching. “If I am right, Kincaid will be the most powerful demon-spawn I have faced in generations. And warding this house is a drain on my resources. I do not dare face him unless I am at the peak of my powers. Your seed will give me that.”
      “And second?”
      “I'm afraid, Alex. Not for myself,” she said hurriedly, as he opened his mouth in protest. “I've lived a long life. Longer than anyone else on this planet, when you think about it. If I had to, I would change many things. But I would not change how I have spent it. When I look back, I think I have made a difference.
      “But I'm afraid of failing. Of failing you and your parents and all the rest. And of failing the Almighty herself. If I don't succeed tonight, if I challenge Kincaid and he defeats me, he will engage in an orgy of destruction the likes of which this town has never seen.”
      She took a deep breath, and he was astonished to see tears glimmering in the glorious depths of her green eyes. “Alex, I want you to make me a promise.”
      “If I fail, if I die, and you somehow escape, I want you to call this number.” She handed him a small card. A phone number was printed on the white surface in stark black letters. No other information was to be seen. “I've given it to your parents as well. And to the rest of the family. It will help you reach my sisters, Lucifer and Tera. They will come. And when they do, Hell will pay.”
      He nodded quietly and slipped the card into his back pocket.
      “Good. That's done.” She sighed gustily. “I haven't been this nervous in years.”
      “You have stage fright?”
      She waved away his incredulous question. “Not really. Some. Screw it. Yes. I'm frightened. Before, all I had to lose was my own life. Now,” she hugged him tight, her breasts flattening against his chest. “I have a lot more at risk.”
      Suddenly he felt a small, hot hand resting on his erect cock. When he looked down, her eyes were twinkling, all sign of her prior anxiety fled. “Which is why,” she husked sexily, “I need to forget about all that for a while, and concentrate on your beautiful body instead.” With frightening ease, she had him naked from the waist down. “Why don't you put down that silly script, and fill your hands with something else instead?”

Word Count: 17,500

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