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Pounded By #1 - ...The Big Black Stagehand


[teen, virgin, older man, barely legal, interracial, black man, BBC, hardcore sex, groupsex, spanking, anal penetration, double penetration, blowjob, public sex]

Suzanne is young, sexy, and innocent…until she falls into Bull’s clever trap, and is held helpless while he ravages her in every single hole. Kiss your virginity goodbye, Suzie Q…The Bull is about to create another eager sex addict! And when he’s done, he’s going to share you with his best friend, Colton, for some incredibly hot double penetration!


      “Let me out of here.” It emerged as a fierce growl, but then Suzanne spoiled the effect by scraping her wrist and hissing in pain. “Damn it, Bull, laugh all you want, but do it after you’ve opened the stocks!”
      He was silent for so long that her nerves began to prickle. Then his voice boomed right over her head, and she realized he’d moved behind her and was staring down at her hunched body. “No, I don’t think so,” he smirked. “Not when I’ve finally got you right where I want you!”
      Shocked panic spiked through her when his big hand descended on her thigh and rested there a moment. Then it slid across her squirming bottom in a horrifyingly intimate caress. She bucked wildly, trying to move away, but he cut off her escape by straddling her and tightening his legs around her thighs.
      “Yeah, I think this just might do perfectly,” he chuckled, and reached down to stroke her again. This time she felt his big fingers push between her legs, lewdly rubbing the crotch of her worn cutoff jeans. She yelped and tried to kick him, but he easily evaded her small foot.
      “You’re a sexy little thing,” he taunted, “and you know I want you. Can’t hide it real well, can I, when I’m built so big? And I get rock-hard every time I see you.
      “I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist playing with the stocks yourself after everyone else had gone,” he added with another amused chuckle. “So I stuck around, and kept the remote control handy. And you fell right into my little trap, just like I thought you would.”
      “Remote control?” Her voice rose into an outraged shriek. “You did this to me on purpose?”
      Her livid fury only amused him more. “That’s right. But don’t worry…I’ll let you out. When I’m good and ready.” To emphasize his meaning, he rubbed her again, then curled one long finger so that it thrust under the faded material and grazed against her soft cotton panties. “That’s where I aim to be, Suzie Q. Deep inside your tight little pussy. I’ll bet it’ll feel real good when I push my cock inside you!”
      He wouldn’t…he couldn’t! Frantically she screamed…then jolted in pain when he brought his hand down hard on her squirming ass. “Ow!”
      Fire began to radiate beneath his big palm.
      This time he slapped her other side, and she whimpered in bone-deep panic.
      “Bull, no! Please! You can’t…I’ve never…oh God, Bull, don’t!” She squirmed again, trying to evade his probing finger. “Please, please, please!”
      His muscular legs tightened, holding her in place. Then she heard the distinctive rasp of a zipper being tugged down, and bucked wildly when he brought his hand down again in another agonizing smack!
      “I’m gonna fuck you,” he said calmly, “and there’s nothing you can do to stop me…”

Word Count: 5,228

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