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Alison's Erotic Adventures #2 - Upping The Ante


[erotica, hardcore, sex toy, MF sex, serial gang bang, groupsex, oral sex, cum, pussy ]

Buoyed by her sexual exploits with a strap-on vibrator, Alison is proud of her sluttiness. She's a fuck junkie and needs more.

Then she brags to her old fuck buddy, Tommy, who's not impressed: "You call that, cheap, Allie? That's a good weekend. You wanna feel cheap? I know a way to make you feel really cheap."

Tonight, Tommy will take her to a crummy bar, where he sets up a serial gangbang on a ripped pool table in the back room.

Instead of a campus intellectual and a girl cop, Alison will satisfy seven fuck-crazed men--construction and steel mill workers. She'll dress the part: her shortest miniskirt, a push-up bra and a top with a plunging neckline. She'll layer on the makeup and wear fuck-me shoes. And she'll shave her pussy. Because that's what real sluts do.

Alison says yes. And she's scared...


      I took a deep breath and walked in. Shoulders back, I swung my hips and strolled toward the bar. A hush fell across the dimly lit room, and just about every man in the place--which was just about everyone--drank me in. I passed a table with three star-struck guys licking their lips. I dragged a finger along the table top as I sauntered by. Their eyes were glued to my breasts, just about popping out of my low-cut top.
      The vibrator lit up my pussy. I inhaled involuntarily as another burst of sexual energy blasted my pelvis. My pussy, freshly lubed, got wetter. Tommy switched it off. Thanks to the device, my body was responding faster than my mind. It wanted to fuck. And that feeling was delicious.
      Fred, the bartender, nodded to me and moved to the right. I stood across the bar in front of him, slowly swung my hips around, and settled on the stool.
      "What'll it be, miss?"
      "No got. Beer?"
      I nodded. I hated beer, but it didn't matter. I wasn't thirsty. Turning to say something to Tommy, I was surprised to discover he wasn't with me. I thought he was right behind during my sexy sashay to the bar. Looking over my shoulder, I saw him leaning against the wall near the door, with a barely suppressed grin on his face. I got another burst in the crotch. That remote had good range.
      The next thing I knew, a guy was sitting in the stool next to me. "Excuse me, but you're just too good looking to sit here all alone."
      Thirty-ish, medium build, not bad looking. Okay, showtime.
      "I hate to be alone, too," I said, doing my best to purr. Tommy hit the remote and my pussy throbbed. "Let's go someplace."
      "How much?"
      "Special offer, good only for the evening. I'm going to be the cheapest piece of ass you never paid for. Free."
      "Lady, whatever you say. Your place or mine?"
      I stood and there was Tommy, around the corner of the bar, against the back wall. A hallway led off the barroom.
      I took my new friend by the hand and walked past Tommy. I was leading with my tits, my ass swinging. Down the hall to the left was a doorway. Tommy opened the door, and we walked in. It was a small storage room with boxes piled high on one side and the pool table facing the door, paper towels on top. A single bare light bulb on the ceiling lighted the room.
      I turned to him and put my hands on his crotch. He was already hard. "Let's make this fast, cowboy. I want you to fuck me right now. And hard. Okay?"
      He grinned from ear to ear. In a flash, his pants and shorts were around his knees. I rolled a condom on, turned, and put my hands on my knees. I flipped my skirt up to my waist and wiggled my ass.
      Thanks to Tommy and the bursts of energy from my strap-on vibrator, my naked and exposed cunt lips were sticky and sodden and hot. His dick slid right in. The guy put his hands on my waist and started grinding. I thrust my hips to meet him, flexing my thighs. We eased into a steady rhythm. The walls of my pussy clenched his cock.
      In less than a minute, my fantasy had been fulfilled. A complete stranger was reaming my cunt with his rock-hard dick. Each thrust of his cockhead was hitting my G-spot, and I could feel an orgasm building. This was what I craved--hot, crazy, anonymous sex.
      His tempo picked up and his cock surged in size, getting harder and thicker. His balls slapped against my ass, and I opened wider for him. I yelped as his cock slammed into my cervix. My juices slathered over my labia and dribbled down my thighs as he fucked me like a crazed animal.
      "Fuck me, fuck me harder," I yelled. "Fill my slutty pussy with your cum. Harder, harder!"
      With my enthusiastic exclamations ringing through the air, he exploded, sending shock waves through my pelvis, up my ass and back, and to my shoulders. My large breasts bounced as he pounded me. I nearly lost my footing, but his hands held me tight. Every jarring thrust sent waves of pleasure through my womb. I pushed back on his cock as he rode me. The pressure inside me built and finally exploded, erupting like wildfire up my spine and crashing through every fiber of my body. I cried out as the powerful climax washed over me.
      He pulled out of me with a wet, sloppy sound and staggered back. I turned and leaned back on the table, gasping for air. My voice finally came back.
      "Nice job, sailor. Let me clean you up."
      I took his half-hard cock in my hand and pulled the condom off, careful not to spill any jism on the floor. He had a nice prick, not too big, maybe six inches. Thick, too. I gave him a gentle squeeze, sopped up a final drop of cum, then dried him off. He was out the door as I rearranged myself.
      Back at the bar, my pussy tingled, and this time it wasn't Tommy with the remote. I had pulled off the vibrator for better access to my cunt. I had been fucked hard and good.
      "I heard you're looking for company."
      His voice was deep and smooth. The first guy was white. This guy was black, a big man with broad shoulders. Heavy, but not fat. A nice face.
      I looked up at him and smiled. "I'd like to fuck you. Would you like to fuck me?"
      "Young lady, lead on," he said, sliding off the stool. He followed my rocking ass to the back room...

Word Count: 6,818

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